Sisters Janay Messick and Stephanie Creedal make their Zacklee's debut at Boydton Day

About a year ago, Janay Messick had the idea to paint snowman boards and post them on Facebook for sale. She told her sister, Stephanie, that she wanted to sell seven so she would have extra Christmas money. As big sisters do, Stephanie encouraged her to go for it. Janay was hesitant at first but she decided to do it and the response was immediate. Before she knew it she had ten requests for her boards and the orders kept coming. Stephanie jumped in in to help her but at some point. “I had to tell her to stop taking orders so she could actually do her Christmas shopping.” Stephanie laughed. The duo kept painting snowman boards through the winter but decided to give themselves a break for the summer. They started painting fall boards in August and the orders started rolling in again. Zacklee’s Creations made its debut at this year’s Boydton Day. Stephanie says “We just can’t get over the number of people came out to see us. The community support has been truly amazing. Janay tells me daily that it feels like a dream, doing something that she loves.” 

The name Zacklee’s is a tribute to Janay and Stephanie’s parents. Their fathers name was Z.T. Wells, the “Z” stood for Zach and their mothers name was Shirley Lee Wells. “When you say it fast with a Smiths Cross Roads accent, it kind of sound like our version of ‘exactly’, Zacklee.” Stephanie continued, “We are proud of our family and have been loved by our parents so much. It’s just a little something to acknowledge that.” 

Janay lives in Chesterfield and works in banking and, according to Stephanie, is the brain child of their little business. Stephanie Creedle lives here in South Hill and works as the Finance Director at the Southside Planning District Commission. They are hosting a “Pick Up Party” at High and Associates on Sunday, December 1. “Steve High has graciously offered his office for our event. We’re calling it a ‘Pick Up Party’ but its just a chance for everyone who has ordered getting together for refreshments. We will have a few items for sale as well.” Check out their Facebook page for information and upcoming events.