Cedar Grove Plantation is a hidden gem in Mecklenburg County. Originally built by John Taylor Lewis in 1838, this greek revival home was listed on the Registry of Historical places in 2010. In an interview with the Butler, Rick Spurlock, he expressed that the upkeep of the estate is truly a team effort. He compared them to a wheel, with the Panels, the current private owners,  being the hub and all the caretakers, managers and employees of the estate are the spokes that keep them rolling. He went on to explain that he and his wife Barbara have been in the employ of the estate for thirty years. He is the butler and received his training in London England, under the tutelage of Queen Elizabeths staff while his wife is the chef for the estate. The estate is the host to many weddings and events. On Saturday they opened the private residence up for a tour with an antique car club. The club drove their vintage cars and trucks from Hardee’s in Clarksville to Cedar Grove Plantation located in Buffalo Junction where they were given full access to the house and estate. The house is situated at the end of a long drive on a beautiful open field. The outbuilding date back to the mid 1800’s when the mansion was built. There is a thirty foot deep ice house that was used for storage of fresh water ice from the river and a smoke house for meats. There are two guest houses on the property as well, Big Buffalo and Little Buffalo which were originally buildings on the old Buffalo Lithia Resort until a previous owner had them moved to Cedar Grove. The plantation hosts numerous hunts throughout the year, mainly quail. Jim Heckerd, manager of the estate, oversees the upkeep and maintenance of the quail population at the direction of Mr. Panel. Some of the people who have come to visit range from heads of state to dignitaries to friends of the family. Mr. Spurlock went on to say that the history and roots of the plantation run deep. He said there are some strange occurrences that happen and he is a firm believer the mansion is haunted. He told the story of a wet nurse using one of the hidden accesses to the what was formerly the nursery to go back and forth to tend to the children. She can still be heard going up and down the stairs of the old hidden accesses today. The stories of Cedar Grove Plantation are varied with many of them being humorous. If you would like to visit the Plantation or schedule an event there please contact Rick Spurlock at 919-880-6046. Like many other places here in Mecklenburg County, this magnificent home is truly a hidden gem.