County Supervisors hear COVID, Tax Collection, and new school updates

The county is up to 262 cases of COVID-19 as of Monday morning. The number includes 29 deaths, 210 recoveries, and 23 active cases. Even though the trouble with outbreaks have died down, there has been a jump over the past few days due to community spread. 

Mr. Carter reviewed a resolution requiring that all towns return any unused CARES Act funding to the county. The resolution also states that the county may collect the funds if it is not paid back within 30 days which would be reflected in sales tax. The county is looking at possible uses for the funds for fire, rescue, and police, and businesses. The Board unanimously approved the resolution. 

Beth Horne with the Southside Community Services Board requested that the Board approve a name change. “Southside is in the process of doing a rebranding which will include a new logo, website redesign, and we’re looking to change our name from Southside Community Serves Board to Southside Behavioral Health. We feel like Southside Behavioral Health better describes what our agency actually does and what it provides to communities. And since Southside community Services Board was created by localities, the Department of Behavioral Health requires us to get a resolution from each locality.” said Horne. The Board unanimously approved the change.

County Treasurer, Sandra Langford, updated the Board on this year’s county tax collections. Last year when the tax year ended on June 15, there was a tax collection rate of 96.84% and this year, in the same time frame, there has been a 97.22% collection. 

In the first Public Hearing of the Monday, July 13 meeting, the Board voted to raise the court house security fee from ten dollars to twenty dollars effective August 1. 

The second Public Hearing was in regards to a special exception permit application for Verizon Wireless to place a 199 foot communications tower. The tower will be placed on a property located on the north side of Highway 871 Sandy Fork Road and the Henrico Road intersection in the Clarksville district. The Board approved the application unanimously. 

The Lake Advisory Committee approved five no wake buoys to be placed in Hawtree Creek. They will be placed 20-25 feet from the shoreline. The Committee made the move after hearing from an individual that a jet ski operator lost control in the area and struck a boat dock. The committee reviewed the application in detail and considered the 20 emails, only two were opposing the buoys. 

The Property Committee approved a proposal from Johnson Controls for upgrades to HVAC Systems at the Hudgins Court facility. The original computer systems for the controls were installed in 2000 and 2004 and are outdated and parts upgrades are unavailable. The software upgrade proposal, costing $51,968, would bring the system up to date before any longterm damage is done. The Board of Supervisors approved the recommendation. 

A request was made by L.J. Dornak on behalf of the property owner in the Norcava subdivision for a utility easement across Alco Drive.  The 15 foot easement will run from Lot 24 to Lot 82A which will serve as a drain fill lot. The committee unanimously voted to recommend approval of this request. The Board approved the request.

County Administrator, Wayne Carter, presented a change order for the Hudgins Court parking lot expansion project for a decrease of $11,500  for the removal of a sewer manhole and the addition of $68,740 for rock removal. The committee unanimously recommended approval, which they got from the Board. 

At the June meeting, Mr. Glanzy Spain brought up the confederate statue that sits in front of the Circuit Court building in Boydton. There will be a meeting concerning the statue at 8 a.m. on August 10 before the next regular Supervisors meeting. 

Mrs. Claudia Lundy presented the Joint Education Committee report. “Mr. Brian Dalton provided a presentation to the committee with the current update to the new middle/high school complex. The completion date is still estimated to be June 24, 2022. The construction budget is $117,000,000. The direct purchasing process is ongoing, allowing the division to be tax exempt when purchasing materials.” 

Superintendent Paul Nichols provided the Joint Education Committee with future plans to renovate the Clarksville, Chase City, and LaCrosse Elementary School buildings once the new facility project is completed. There was a walk through performed at each facility and a proposal for renovation options is expected at the end of July and will be presented to the committee once it is received. “It is preferred to renovate all of the elementary schools at the same time and to move the students to [Bluestone or Park View High Schools] until renovations are complete,” said Lundy. 

Mr. Nichols spoke during the Joint Education Committee meeting on July 6 about the importance of maintaining the education of students through the Career Preparation in there future. “One program that I know the Board of Supervisors have expressed interest in is the Environmental Science Academy. In that process we’ve had many conversations about the barn, greenhouses, and about the properties that would be available. We have specialist from Virginia Tech, Virginia State, and local specialists come in and work on those and make some strong recommendations. With the funding that had been budgeted ($450,000) for that to be separated from the main building and in that process we have been able to add some pretty significant portions of land to that project.” 

MCPS has worked out a deal with Cleveland Construction to obtain the newly renovated United Country Club at the end of construction to be used as an Agriculture Building/FFA Clubhouse. The building now contains new carpeting, a conference room, reception desk, and kitchen. 

Wayne Carter reviewed a VDOT Smart Scale resolution that needed to be adopted by the Board to fix visibility issues at the intersections of Highway 58 and Regional Airport Road and Browntown Road. “They have very poor to no sight distance. Traffic has to pull out on 58 eastbound to see past the knoll and then they have to go across and directly pull out in front of blind traffic because of the knoll on the other side.” The Board voted unanimously to adopt the resolution. 

After the death of Industrial Development Association Board Member Mr. Joseph Just, the Supervisors needed to appoint a replacement for the seat. Lindsey Gee Carroll, a manager at First Citizens Bank’s Boydton and South Hill branches and was elected a Board Member of Buggs Island Telephone in 2013, was unanimously approved for the position by the Board. 

Southside Planning Commission Board Member, Joseph Taylor, was elected to the South Hill Town Council in May and can no longer sit on the planning commission board. After a recommendation from Chairman Barbour fell through, the matter was tabled for the August Board of Supervisors meeting.