Rebuild, Restore, Renew; Aglow Community Lighthouse makes donation to SSRS

The South Hill Aglow Community Lighthouse is transitioning into something new! The miracle is that God can take something old and make it brand new! That's what is happening with this nonprofit ministry that serves our community and beyond! Rachel Brown cast the vision to Rebuild, Restore, Renew during the Facebook Live session on Saturday, May 23rd,  with over 170 views assuring the community that the South Hill Aglow Community Lighthouse is a "safe place to sow"!  100% of the funds raised in that short amount of time went to the Southside Rescue Squad with the promise to continue donating any funds earmarked for the squad would be mailed promptly. Rachel Brown, president, and Alfredia Lee, Vice President, presented Capt. Gavin Gwaltney with a check for $252 to assist with needs and expenses since they were not able to do the traditional bucket drive due to Covid19.