Last Saturday, a theft occurred at the Backdoor Bistro. During an interview with Katie Pridgen, owner/operator of the restaurant she stated “When a friend of mine came in to pick up his food, I said to him, ‘Take a look at our pumpkin! It’s gotten so big!’, he stepped outside and came back in and told me he didn’t see a pumpkin. I thought to myself, it must be hiding under a leaf or something, but sure enough when I stepped out to look, there was no pumpkin!” Katie went on to explain that she was just heartbroken over the theft of her beloved pumpkin. She explained how she had planted some flowers in a particular spot in her garden and as she tended it and watered it every day a strange plant started to grow. Being that she is a green thumb and grows numerous things for herself and the Bistro, she just let it grow. She further explained that when it was all said and done, it turned into a pumpkin patch. She stated she figured it was due to seeds being dropped there or pumpkins thrown out after use and the seeds just lay till the ground absorbed them. She went on to say that every day she went out and turned the pumpkin to afford it even sun exposure and watered it often. So in a way, it had become her baby. She said, “With all the handwork that went into this pumpkin, we were all upset here when we realized it had been stolen.” When asked if she thought she’d ever see the pumpkin again, she said, “Well that’s the funny thing, the next day, Scott Wright from the Farmers Market notified me that someone had come to the Market and given a pumpkin to another vendor there. He proceeded to tell me that he was pretty sure it was my pumpkin because nobody else has pumpkins this time of year.” She explained how Scott got in touch with the produce vendor who was given the pumpkin and explained what had happened and without hesitation, this past Tuesday, Priscilla Park owner of Swallowtail Farm Shop reunited Bistro Pumpkin and Katie. When asked how she felt about the reunion and the good samaritan who made it happen, Katie said, “Priscilla is the sweetest person, when she told me she had planned to make a pumpkin pie but didn’t after she heard Scott’s tale about a stolen pumpkin, I was relieved and very grateful that she was kind enough to return it!” The obvious next question posed to Katie was, what would become now of the Bistro pumpkin and she replied, “I kinda wanted to bake my homemade muffins with it but not knowing what may have happened to him along his journey, I decided against that, instead I’m thinking we’re just going to make it our fall mascot, The Bistro Pumpkin!” With fall fast approaching and the onslaught of pumpkin spice drinks, jack o’ lanterns on stoops and porches and the crisp, cool air that lingers in the night remember, The Bistro Pumpkin stands tall and round in South Hill. If you’re curious if this is a true article just run on down to the Backdoor Bistro and ask Katie herself, she’d be happy to tell you her harrowing tale, introduce you to Bistro Pumpkin and serve you up some amazing treats while you listen.