South Hill is set to say goodbye as Peebles Department store changes to Gordmans. According to Stage Stores Manager of Brand Publicity, Blakeley Graham “Gordmans is an off-price retailer, which means that it has a wide array of merchandise for the entire family at the lowest possible prices compared to department stores. Consumers seem to be responding well to the lower prices in other markets and the common worry that jobs will be effected is a non-issue.” According to a source at the local store, most Peebles employees will stay on as Gordmans’ employees as the Gordmans banner is still under the umbrella of Stage Stores Inc. 

According to South Hill Enterprise archives, the Peebles location in South Hill has been a staple in the small town for 128 years. Founded by W.S. Peebles, the first store was opened in 1891 in Lawrenceville, Virginia with the second being the South Hill store which opened its doors in 1927. The original corporate office was also located in South Hill along with a distribution hub. The Peebles family sold the company in 1986 and it had traded hands a couple more times before becoming a part of the Stage Stores family of department stores. 

According to Graham, “Gordmans will replace Peebles in South Hill in Spring of 2020.” Locals in South Hill however, when asked about the change, have responded with mix reviews. Where Peebles is going out of business after more than a century in Southside Virginia, the building itself will be something else which prompted one person to say, “I’ve always believed that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

Not much will actually be changing to the Peebles store, just the name. The turnover to the new Gordmans should only take a few weeks according to sources and the store will be closed for several days before the grand opening of Gordmans takes place. For more information about Gordmans, please go to to see a list of locations, prices and more.