Virginia Homes, the Boydton based modular home manufacturer which closed last month, is reopening under original founder and owner R.T. “Tommy” Arnold.  Production is planned to resume at the factory on July 8.

Arnold opened Virginia Homes early in 1969 and for more than 50 years, the business was a mainstay of the local economy.

In 2016, Arnold sold the business and after several changes, the firm announced in May that operations would be moved to Pennsylvania, where the firm operates a much larger facility for the production of modular structures.  Ownership of the plant, equipment and supplies reverted to Arnold when the firm withdrew from the area, and he decided to re-enter the business.

At the time the relocation was made,  former CEO Phil Hickman said that moving the Boydton operation to the larger facility would allow the company to produce homes more efficiently and quicker than they could be produced in the Boydton facility.

Hickman also stressed that arrangements had been made with other manufacturers in the area to hire any former Virginia Homes workers who wished to remain in the business.  Some former employees, however, said the jobs had not been forthcoming.

After Arnold regained control of the operation, he also decided to bring back as many of the former employees as possible.

According to reports, he hopes to produce smaller homes designed to be more affordable for couples just starting out or for older couples who no longer need the space of a full family dwelling.