Boydton Council talks CARES Act funding, sewer use agreements, and abandoned buildings

The Boydton Town Council voted in their regular September meeting to approve a new Sewer Use Agreement for town residents and businesses. Waste Water Treatment Chief Operator R.H. Park III presented the agreement, which passed unanimously. One council member asked what brought about the drafting of a new agreement to which Mr. Park replied, “Microsoft”. 

Mecklenburg County has received a second round of CARES Act funding to be used by localities for COVID-19 related purchases. With a population of 410 residents, the Town of Boydton will receive $35,771.00 of the $2,668,698 allotted funds to the county. 

Mayor Kirkland suggested forming a committee to come up with ideas for distributing the funds within the town. The committee is to be made up of two council members that are not member of the fire department, the fire chief, police chief, and other department heads. David Crowder and Ray Cherry will serve on the committee as the two council members, along with Police Chief Danny Fox, Bill Thompson representing the Rescue Squad, and Mark Parrish representing the fire department. The Town has requested a list of acceptable items for the CARES Act funding use. 

David Goodwin asked the Council if they have any plans for the abandon buildings around town, specifically the old nursing home, the building next to the quilt shop, and Dr. Shelton’s old office. He also asked the Council to consider amending or creating an ordinance for building standards. 

In regards to the nursing home, the Council informed Mr. Goodwin that county Building Inspector, Eddie Harris, ruled about a year ago that the roof was still in tact therefore the building cannot be condemned. The Council and Mayor Kirkland will contact Mr. Harris to have him evaluate the building again. 

The Boydton Town Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.