The Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors have granted a request for a special exception permit by Amelia O’Neil to operate a gas-convenience store near the intersection of Highway 49 at its intersection with Hobgood Drive near Clarksville.

A public hearing held on the question raised no objections or concerns from the community.  Ms. O’Neil told members of the planning commission at the hearing that the community had been pleased to have the business in the community.

The store was formerly open as OJ’s Junction Mart.

By unanimous vote, the Supervisors on Monday voted unanimously to approve the request.

Also on Monday, the Supervisors approved an application from Donna B. Garner for a special exception permit for Verizon Wireless to constructed a 199 foot communication tower located north side of highway 15, approximately 1/10th mile west of its intersection with Highway 1601.

On recommendations from the planning commission, the request was granted with the recommendations that prior to issuance of building permits, the Applicant shall submit satisfactory AHOP and NEPA documentation, the Applicant shall submit an engineering report, signed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, certifying that the monopole will have the structural capacity for the proposed Verizon equipment and similar installations of at least three other wireless providers, that prior to approval, a letter from and signed by the Applicant shall be provided that explains its co-location policy with regard to collocations by other wireless providers and local governments, that the existing trees outside the leased areas and easement for drive access and utilities shall be preserved as per County Code 14-12 (c)., and that the Applicant’s equipment feed lines shall be routed inside the monopole.

Michelle Laakson of the Southside Center for Violence appeared before the Supervisors on Monday to discuss the violence shelter and protective service.  Unfortunately, explained Ms. Laakson, as of July, Mecklenburg County will no longer be part of the agencies service area.  Ms. Laakson explained that as the Prince Edward based agency has included a dozen counties, considerably more than most similar organizations, funding agencies are requesting cutbacks to the group.  She added that the agency will continue to try to work with Mecklenburg County when possible but that Mecklenburg would no longer be in the organizations primary service area.

Supervisor Glanzy Spain asked if the county could do anything to remain officially in the organization and Ms. Laakson offered to put the Supervisors in touch with the funding agencies within the state.

The Mecklenburg Landfill Committee delivered it’s report to the Supervisors on Monday, informing them that the Mack Front Loader used by the Landfill is no longer operable and can no longer be repaired.  A used, 2001 Peterbilt Front Loader has been found that does not have pollution control and should be easier and more cost effective to maintain.

On a motion from Supervisor Claudia Lundy, the Committee decided to recommend purchase of the used Peterbilt machine for $32,000.  The Supervisor unanimously voted to make the purchase.

The Emergency Services Committee has advised the Supervisors that that was seeking help with the cost of a grant writer to apply for FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grants for a regional grant in the amount of $1,750 per fire department for a total cost of $14,000.  The funding will be used to replace air-packs for each department.  The cost of replacement would be approximately $1.1 million with the county putting forward a 10 percent match.  If the application is successful, funding would be needed in the 2021 budget.

On Monday, Supervisors unanimously voted to approve the plans for a grant writer.

Addressing the Supervisors, Kevin Smith of VDOT reported that work continues on “normal winter maintenance” including work on non-hard surface roads, shoulder work and limbs and branches.

Water from last weeks intense rains that passed through the area continued to rise on Monday, said Smith.  Bridges that were topped by water, he explained, must be inspected prior to reopening to insure there are no structural or safety issues. 

As of Monday morning, said Smith, several roads in the area were still closed including 623, 826, 640, 677 and 609.

“And,” said County Administrator Wayne Carter, “more rain is on the way.”

The National Weather System forecast calls for a continued wet spell to last into late this week.