Backyard Birds and Coffee plus more is a family owned business right off I-85 in Bracey, Virginia. Owned by Clyde Wilson, it is a sanctuary for the locals and the weary travelers that pass through. According Ashley, a traveler enjoying breakfast and coffee with her children while traveling home from Atlanta, Georgia, “I found this place completely by accident and I love it!”. She went on to say that while most of her family lives around the Atlanta area, she was absolutely going to inform them of Backyard Birds and Coffee for when they travel up to see her. She said, “It reminds me of my sisters place and like there, this is such a haven. Now I’m honestly thinking where can we stay over a weekend so that we can come back!” She described the establishment as “homey” and a “welcome oasis”. 

Joel Wilson, son of Clyde, the owner, is one of the workers there. They’ve been in business as a coffee/Ice Cream shop for approximately a year and a half. They started out as a garden center and after being closed for a couple of years the idea came to Clyde to strike out on this venture. He enlisted the help of his two sons and to date the business has been successful. They have a store inside the coffee shop  with a wide assortment of birding items. There are bird houses, bird baths, wind chimes and more. 

They offer as big a selection of food and beverages as well. Not only can you order coffee, tea and other delicious items you can buy them as well. There are several choices to peruse while you wait to purchase and take home with you. The beverage menu is assorted with a variety of lattes, cappuccinos and coffees to suit your own personal taste along with teas, juices and more. There’s a salad bar for a healthy lunch option as well as menu options made fresh. Just ask Joel, he’ll fix you up. Joel did state, “We don’t sell near as much ice cream in the winter but it’s always available” when asked how many options are available to their customers he stated, “You could come in here every day, order a different drink and not get the same one twice for at least six months. The specialty is our Skinny Jenny, named for a regular customer here.” When asked how he felt about the business, he said, “I’m very enthusiastic about it, there’s a lot of potential here.” 

If you need an oasis of peace and tranquility, along with a cup of joe, head on out to 903 in Bracey and spend some time on Clyde’s porch, it is well worth the time. Backyard Birds and Coffee is located at 3410 Highway 903, Bracey, Virginia. You can reach them at 434-774-4741 or visit their website at