Earlier this week, Brodnax Police Chief Joe Carey followed a gut feeling and decided to ride around the old Brodnax Mill plant located at 2 Kerr Drive. There had recently been a break-in at the mill with no suspects in custody. Chief Carey noticed a strange vehicle parked in front of the loading dock and decided to investigate further. As he approached the building the loading dock door was lifted by the culprits as they were caught trying to take gears, electrical wiring, and other salvageable goods from the location. There were two male suspects, 24 and 26 years old, and one female suspect, 19 years old, found at the scene. Chief Carey called for back up, getting assistance from the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office, Brunswick County Sheriffs Office, and the Virginia State Police. All three were taken into custody and charged with breaking and entering. The two male suspects admitted guilt in reference to the first robbery. The Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office has taken over this investigation.