Joe Carey

Joe Carey Brodnax Police Chief

Joe Carey has been a staple around the town of Brodnax for many years, an actual Charlotte County, Virginia native, Joe has been the chief of police in Brodnax, Virginia, worked on the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs department and was a special officer to the Virginia State Police for the Tri-County Narcotics Task Force to name just a few titles. His law enforcement career has lasted for over 40 years and his reputation proceeds him. He's known for being a man who gets things done while being fair, honest and compassionate. Joe married the love of his life, Beverly and together they raised 3 sons. He’s the grandfather to two beautiful young ladies and over time he and his wife have worked together to make their community a better place to live in. While Joe’s ties run deep in Mecklenburg County, Virginia his heart has roots in Charlotte County, Virginia. He lives in the Barnes Junction area and according to neighbors and friends, is always the man to go to if you’re in need. Neighbors stated that when they see Joe they always get a friendly wave and bright smile. One neighbor, who asked not to be named, stated “At a particularly hard time in my life, I ran into Joe and we talked for about an hour. We laughed, reminisced and by the time I got in my truck and left, I had forgotten my hardship.” That says a lot about a mans character and Joe’s known as a man with integrity. I spoke with Lillian Baird of Brodnax, retired former town council member and asked her what she thought about Joe running for Charlotte County Sheriff, she said, “I’ve known Joe for close to 20 years and I think he’s an excellent Chief of Police. I feel safe with Joe on the job and I know I can call on him anytime. Joe is a kind man and we hate to lose him.” After speaking with previous co-workers of Joes, I found this sentiment resonates all throughout both the town of Brodnax and the law enforcement community. Joe has done immeasurable good for Mecklenburg County and left behind an indelible mark on this community. For all of his community activism and the many hats he’s worn as a servant of the county, Joe has created a reputation for himself that will always keep the doors of Mecklenburg open to him. As a citizen of the county that he has so graciously and generously served, I know I’m not alone in wishing him good luck on his run for Sheriff of Charlotte County, Virginia and should he be elected, an entire town and county will miss him. Let’s all band together as citizens and wish Joe good luck and God speed in his endeavors.