We Care, located at 139 Country Lane, South Hill, Virginia is owned and operated by Executive Director, Kevin White. We Care is an upstart youth center that Mr. White opened with the goal in mind of creating a safe haven where kids can go not just for “after school” care but for enrichment and education through fun programs in a safe environment. The initial plan was to maximize the usage of the 19 acres of land the center sits on and Mr. White started it off with a summer program. According to an interview with Mr. White, he stated “30 to 40 kids participated over the summer.” He went on to say that the next phase of the centers outreach is the start of a before and after school program. He’s been able to contact retired and former educators to supervise the after school portion of it. They volunteer their time to come in and tutor the children as well as assist them in homework. Some of their focuses at We Care are anti-bullying and the DARE program. Mr White stated, “Bruce King, a deputy with the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Department came out a couple of times over the summer and did fun programs with the kids that marries the social things kids go through with the community by getting former educators and law enforcement involved.”  He went on to say that in September they’re pairing with a former guidance counselor of Park View High School to host a workshop on test preparation and readiness. This will help children to prepare for SAT’s, ACT’s as well as the standardized testing that they go through during the normal school year. Transportation to the youth center is provided by the staff of We Care currently with vans and cars. The hope is to eventually get the number of children participating up so that Mecklenburg County Public Schools will assist with transporting kids from the before school and after school programs. “Our goal is to make use of all available options to maximize the full potential of the youth center.” Mr. White is a former coach and mentor himself, and when asked what motivated him to undertake this, he stated “As a ‘south hill kid’ I was born and raised here and since my early twenties, I’ve been a coach and mentor in the area. I always had an affection for kids and want them to have all the resources they need to grow. In rural areas due to a lack of activity resources, like here in our community, I could either complain about it or take action. I took action. With children of my own, I understand the struggle parents go through to find positive and educational resources for their school aged kids.”  This is just the beginning of a dream to provide the ability to mix socialization through positive activity and mentoring to all of our community children. There are plans in the works to grow the youth center and make use of all the land associated with it. If you would like to volunteer your time or help out in any way with this exciting new business in our neighborhood, please contact Kevin White at 434-247-1257 or email him at wecare.kevinwhite@gmail.com