The Town of South Hill held a public hearing on its FY2020 budget Monday night, but no citizens offered any comments. The tax rates and fees for the upcoming year will remain the same. Town Manager Kim Callis presented an overview of the proposed budget, which includes $12.3 million in the general fund and $9.5 million in the water and sewer fund for a total of approximately $21.8 million, about a half million more than last year, with most of the increase coming to water and sewer.   

The real estate tax rate will remain at 0.34 percent, and the personal property rate remains at 1.5 percent. 

We are not proposing any tax or rate increases, Callis said. 

Callis said the real estate rate has been the same since 2004-2005, though the personal property rate has increased more recently.

The budget includes funding for a 5 percent cost of living adjustment and an increase in the marketing line. Callis said the town will be purchasing a number of pieces of equipment, either replacements or as additions, including a golf cart, an electric salt spreader, a street/building sweeper, a tractor with a side arm for mowing banks, a vacuum  sewer jetter, and 16 computers for patrol cars. 

The town is also planning to complete the Northside traffic project, which has an estimated cost of $2.4 million, as well as create more downtown parking spaces. In addition, Callis said the town will need to do a sewer extension for the Groom School apartments and an upgrade to support the apartment project in the old South Hill Elementary School. 

The council is scheduled to approve the budget in June.