Amber and Amanda met taking group fitness classes at Freedom Life Fitness. The two started training for a half marathon together in November of 2018 where they would spend their time getting to know each other during the 10 to 13 mile runs. They talked about their individual fitness goals and ambitions, only to find out that they shared a lot of the same aspirations. In the spring of 2019 they decided to go for their personal training certifications together and start teaming up to run challenges, bootcamps, which include gym and nutritional plans, and classes. 

Amanda lives in Kenbridge with her husband Steven and their three year old daughter. She focuses full time on fitness and nutritional education, and being a mom to Marley. Amber lives in Blackstone with her husband, Chase and works full time along with personal training and teaching workout classes. They both follow the 80/20 rule, focusing on fitness and nutrition 80% of the time and just living their lives 20% of the time. Amanda says “It’s not all or nothing. You don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time with your fitness and nutrition.” Amber added “We want to help people change their lifestyle. If you do have that one soda there’s no need to beat yourself up and let it have a negative trickle effect [on your progress].” The main goal is to find the balance between what is healthy and what is not healthy. 

The fitness duo offers personal training, online community support, and, with Amanda being certified in nutrition, meal plans and nutritional advice to their clients. They have plenty of activities for anyone to participate in, starting with the “Beast before Feast” Thanksgiving morning HIIT workout. The event will take place in the upstairs workout room of Freedom Life Fitness in South Hill on Thursday, November 28 from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The best part is that this is a free open house workout for anyone who registers by messaging Amanda Schumaker or Amber Mull Autry on Facebook or calling the gym at 434-447-2069. Like their Facebook pages to keep track of all upcoming classes including an 8 week bootcamp in January for all of those making New Year’s Resolutions.