A local motorcycle rider was in a near fatal crash about a month ago. This incident has brought to light a major problem concerning motorcycle riders safety. This weekend the Pizza Pub in Clarksville, Virginia hosted a benefit to raise money for the medical fund that grows by the day for Mr. Wallen who is listed as stable but in critical condition. Mr. Wallen is a responsible rider making a point to wear his helmet, be properly attired and follow all DMV rules of the road, however on his fateful ride that night, a car swerved into the path of Mr. Wallens motorcycle and hit him head on. Mr. Wallen suffered major and near fatal injuries. The laws in Virginia for motorcycle riders are strict. A knowledge test and road test must be passed successfully for a rider to get the Class M rating on his license. Riders must also drive under a thirty day permit before getting his completed M classification. There are many laws as to appropriate safety and protective equipment as well as laws covering things such as headlight, tail lights and mirrors. After the accident Mr. Wallens bike was found to be in proper working order and complied with all laws. Mr. Wallen had his helmet on but in the cases of high speed frontal impacts they can not stop force to the head all together. At the benefit held this weekend for Mr. Wallen, a huge crowd gathered to donate to his medical fund. At press time, it is still uncertain that Mr. Wallen will recover from his injuries. Several members of motorcycle clubs made appearances to show their support for a fallen brother and the bands who entertained the crowds, All Is Lost and Moonshine Son, both stated it was their honor to support such a worthy cause. The tag, #WallenStrong was seen on a lot the T-shirts of a lot of people and one of the main discussions amongst patrons was what to do to get the word out on motorcycle riders safety. All cars and truck drivers are expected, in the state of Virginia, to safely share the road with motorcyclists. Please be aware as your driving around motorcycles to be alert and conscious of the road you both are traveling. Saving lives is what’s at stake. To donate to the #WallenStrong Medical Fund you can contact Cassie Boyd or Aggie Caparetta at the Pizza Pub in Clarksville or by calling at 434-374-2080.