On Saturday night 12-14-2019 Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office along with Lacrosse
Police P.D. executed 2 search warrants at the following locations 18895 highway one
north Lacrosse, Va. and 212 North Main Street Lacrosse, Va. These search warrants
were the result of an investigation by Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office and
Lacrosse P.D. and in relation to the following Va. Codes. 18.2-328- conducting
illegal gambling operation, 18.2-329-tennant in control of any place knows it's
being used for illegal gambling and permits such gambling to continue, 18.2-330 Any
person who knowingly aids, abets or assists in the operation of an illegal gambling
enterprise, activity or operation, 18.2-331 illegal possession of a gambling device
when he manufactures, sells, transports, rents, gives away places or possesses or
conducts or negotiates any transaction affecting or designed to affect ownership
custody or use of any gambling device, or having reason to believe that the same is
to be used in the advancement of unlawful gambling activity.

Numerous machines were taken in the execution of these two search warrants.
Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office is advising that any business in Mecklenburg
County that has any machines in correlation to the said codes of Va. There may be an
investigation to determine if machines are illegal.