On Wednesday, November 20 the sealed bids for the new school facilities were revealed to the public. The work includes the construction of a nearly 350,000 square foot Middle and High School building, as well as athletic fields and facilities and offsite road work. With the first open bid results coming in much higher than the estimated cost of the combined complex, some board members voted to reopen the bidding in hopes more contractors would throwing their hats in the ring. The decision was made at the October 3 special meeting where board members heard form Mr. Upton, the architect for the project and Skanska USA Building, Inc., the project developers, representative Paul Padgett about the ups and downs of deciding to start the process over. Some expressed concerns about whether or not the decision to rebid would actually help to save money and if the proposal to cut items from the construction plan would be doing the children a disservice. At the end of the meeting the board voted to rebid the project in a 5 to 1 majority vote. 

The sealed bids had to be received at the county school board office by 2 p.m. the day of the reveal. Bidding contractors submitted a total base bid in addition to a bid on additive items, which included the Middle School Auxiliary Gymnasium as well as unit prices for soil removal, excavation, utilities, etc. Four bids were received and read aloud in front of the public and school board members that were present. The first bid to be opened was Branch Builds with a total base bid of $127,935,000. The next bid presented was Howard Shockey and Sons, Inc. with a total base bid of $126,533,900, followed by Charles Perry Partners, Inc. bidding $126,787,000. The fourth and final bid came from Cleveland Construction with a bid of $124,950,000. These totals do not include the unit prices for the off site road and utility work. For detailed bid results please visit southhillenterprise.com