Westview Cemetery sits on Halifax street in South Hill and serves as a final resting place for several local veterans and prominent figures. Many of the graves are in terrible condition with some starting to sink into the ground and others with collapsing headstones. Remembrance trees planted by family members on the sites have begun to grow through the graves. 

According to Director of Municipal Services, C.J. Dean and head of the cemetery committee, Lillie Feggins-Boone, the Town of South Hill owns part of the cemetery but is only responsible for lawn maintenance. The plots, headstones, and vaults are privately owned and maintained by family members. 

The issue is that many of the families have long passed on, moved away from the area, or do not have the funding to maintain the upkeep of the plots. Other cemeteries in the county are maintained through fundraising from organizations such as The Daughter’s of the Confederacy. 

One local church organization is researching grant options to assist with the cost of damage repairs but in the meantime has proposed a cleanup day where community members are asked to help with cleanup, minor excavations, referencing, bricking, etc. Representatives of this group are working hard and considering every possible option to improve the conditions of these graves. A community even seems to be the most logical solution. 

If you are interested in participating or could offer any helpful solutions please contact Jami at The South Hill Enterprise via email at editor@southhillenterprise.com or call 434-774-5540.