The South Hill Town Council met Monday night to discuss new business, hear committee reports, and vote on a proposed amendment. Mayor Dean Marion opened the meeting with the invocation followed by roll call. Council Members in attendance were Glen Allen, Lisa Jordan, Leroy Sasser, Millie Bracey, Mike Moody, Delores Luster, and Ben Taylor. Mrs. Lillie Feggins-Boone was not present for this meeting.

            Town Manager, Kim Callis was the first to address the Council during the public hearings portion of the agenda. He discussed the new proposed Amendment to the Town Code Section 50-3.- Loitering in, obstructing, streets, public places. The Amendment updates the loitering ordinance to be consistent with State law and is punishable as a class 3 misdemeanor. No one chose to speak publicly in regards to the change and the Amendment passed unanimously.

            David Hash gave the Code Compliance Report followed by the Police Report from Chief Stuart Bowen. Mayor Marion inquired about the newest Officer to join the department, William (Russ) Inge, who was hired in December. Chief Bowen informed him that Inge was currently going through Basic Law Enforcement training. Director of Finance, Sheila Cutrell gave the Financial Report and Brent Morris presented the Business Development Report, which included the opening announcement for 313 Franklin Street Cocktails and Kitchen. There was no one signed up to speak during the public comments section.

            Kim Callis addressed the Council once again with the Town Managers Report. He started with updates to the calendar of activities and reservation for Centennial Park, Parker Park, and the South Hill Exchange, along with other town facilities. He notified the Council that Biggs Construction and Town Infrastructure Division staff completed the Highway 47 waterline installation at the end of the year and planned to have customers connected to the line by January 31. Also, Barker began working on the RCUT project at the intersection of East Atlantic Street and Maple Lane on January 6 and the work should be finished, weather permitting, by January 17. A budget of $50,000 budget for facade improvement matching funds program has been a success, according to Callis. He also spoke of the interest from business owners to improve the appearance of buildings. The Budget and Finance Committee has discussed options to appropriate an additional $20,000 for the matching funds program to assist with the improvements. Callis and town staff has been working with McGuire Woods Law Firm in preparation for a new sewer amendment to address issues. Council voted to hold a public hearing at the next meeting to listen to comments regarding the proposed amendment.

            Human Resources Manager, Carol Hutchinson, presented the Council with her report, covering some of the recent job openings. The town has a job posting for Director of Municipal Services that will remain open until January 28. The Council then called for a closed session to discuss the employee handbook. Once open session resumed the Council voted unanimously on closed session preceding after which the meeting was adjourned by the Mayor. The next town meeting will be held on February 10 at 7 p.m.