Saturday the SHVFD held its annual bucket drive to raise funds for new equipment and gear. According to Chief Rosser Wells, the drive was a huge success and the entire squad thanks everyone in the community who donated and support them in all of their efforts. Speaking with several firefighters during the event, they all stated they could feel the love that South Hill and its citizens have for them. They will be using the money raised to purchase new and updated gear which makes the fireman safe when responding to calls. Several of the firemen stated that in order to make sure that they can respond quickly and safely to all calls, they must have up to date, safety gear. As hot as it was on Saturday, the firemen were sure to keep buckets of ice and water on hand and the drive ended at 1:30 when they were summoned to a call at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites to perform an elevator rescue. On behalf of Chief Rosser Wells and all of the firemen at the South Hill Volunteer Fire Department, thank you again South Hill for all of your support.