Mineral Springs Hotel and

Sanatorium, which once

stood atop a gently rolling

hill, over looking a large

lawn in the Chase City area,

was the largest and grandest

of several hotels that

were spread through out

Mecklenburg County in the

early 1900s.

The massive structure’s

three-year construction

was completed in 1903 and

boasted top-of-the-line, luxurious

and modern accommodations,

150 rooms, in

addition to individual/private

cottages, a ballroom, a dance

pavilion, a gymnasium, card

and game rooms, a ten pin

(bowling) alley and 25,000

acres of sporting land. The

hotel also offered guests

many activities, including

horse back riding and horse

drawn carriage rides, billiards,

fox hunting and tennis

to name a few.

The hotel was built to help

accommodate tourist traffic,

which was drawn to the area

to visit the famed Buffalo

Lithia Springs, located in the

Buffalo Junction area, just

outside of Clarksville. The

springs had been a popular

vacation and health resort

since the early 1820s, as the

water from the springs was

believed to cure all types

of ailments and illnesses.

Upon Col. William Byrd’s

discovery of Mecklenburg’s

mineral water springs prior

to 1800, he called the water

“what Adam drank in paradise.”

He said that after

drinking the water, “we perceived

our appetites to mend,

our slumbers to sweeten and

the stream of life to run cool