County School Board meeting,

the board further discussed

details related to hiring a permanent

superintendent for the

school system, but first heard

public input on the matter via a

short public hearing, in which

two people spoke.

South Hill resident Mrs. Jean

Clary Bagley addressed the board

first in regard to what she believed

the qualities of Mecklenburg’s

next superintendent should be.

She told the board that she has

a tremendous passion for education

and that she has dedicated a

lot of time, money and energy to

supporting Mecklenburg County

Schools and is concerned about


“I believe that this new superintendent

should be a leader, a

team player, an encourager, a

motivator, have enthusiasm and

passion and especially appreciation

for his teachers and his

staff,” she said.

Bagley told the board that

teachers today have a hard job and

the new superintendent should

spend time in the classrooms.

She noted that the new superintendent

should be involved with

the business community as well,

saying that today’s students are

tomorrow’s employees and the

superintendent should know what

the business community needs in

that regard.

“Life is all about building good

relationships,” she said, noting

that she hoped the new superintendent

would be a good relationship-


South Hill resident Gavin

Honeycutt, who is also currently

running [[unopposed]]

for Mecklenburg County School

Board, District 5, spoke next,

first saying that he agreed with

what Bagley had said. He added

that in addition to possessing the

aforementioned characteristics,

he would like to see the next

superintendent be “homegrown.”

“There is nothing like having

someone who has first-hand

knowledge of the county and

rural Southside Virginia,” he

said. “As our local Chambers

of Commerce try to persuade

us to shop local for the good of

our county, then we can promote

locally and from within.”

Honeycutt also said that the

new superintendent should be a

leader who will grow a rigorous

teaching and learning environment

and maintain a sense of the

“big picture,” as well as display

exemplary character,