Dear Editor:

Next Tuesday we have a chance to vote for a person that will stand up for Southside Virginia. Dale Sturdifen will fight for jobs that benefit our area. Frank Ruff is great at creating jobs in other parts of the state. Does anyone really think that Amazon and Microsoft need financial help? We need a Senator that will look out for us. Senator Ruff evidently thinks that it is beneath him to debate his challenger. Instead of debating Dale, Frank was busy holding Franks With Frank events. I personally asked Senator Ruff about debating Dale Sturdifen. The reply that I received was "under certain circumstances that he would discuss with Dale.” I really believe that Senator Ruff was afraid to debate Dale Sturdifen. I have heard both men speak back to back and the difference is like between night and day. The Ruff campaign is so desperate that they have people going door to door telling voters that Dale Sturdifen is a Democrat. That would probably be news to the Democrats since they have a candidate Virginia Smith running in November. Dale Sturdifen has faithfully served his Nation, State and County for 30 years in the military, law enforcement and on the School Board. Please join me in voting for Dale Sturdifen on June 11 in the Republican primary. It is an open primary which means it is open to all registered voters.

Sicerely yours,

Timothy V. Hatley

Chase City, VA.