Letter to the Editor: Thank you Senator Ruff and Frank Nanny Jr.

To Senator Frank Ruff:

Senator Frank Ruff, I would like to thank you on behalf of a teacher in Chesterfield County for writing a letter of recommendation for a Career Student to complete her application for an Academy.  Frank, you did not hesitate to help a student, and you did not ask what political party of preference.  You have helped so many people behind the scenes without recognition. Thank you for being a role model in Leadership for the younger generation.

To Frank Nanney Jr:  

I would like to thank you for such interesting articles in South Hill Enterprise Newspaper, you have kept the memories of South Hill, VA  alive, and helped many of us know how important it is to shop at the local businesses, not only to help the owners but to preserve the Town.  Many changes have take place which is important but those changes have not destroyed the town itself and the wonderful memories.  Frank, I have met you and your wonderful wife, and feel so blessed in knowing the same person who writes, On My Mind by Frank Nanney, Jr. 

Judy Ryan Lewis

Bracey, VA