Wow, June was an interesting month, for me at least. No, nothing spectacular happened, but if I had answered some of my emails, I would be some kind of a SAP and … BANKRUPT.

Let me explain. You see, I got on somebody's “sucker” list and I got email after email offering me millions and millions of dollars if I would just send them 5,000 U. S Dollars to help them get the  money out of their country. Both men and women were sending me emails asking for me to help them. I didn't count how many emails, but one week I did count them and the emails numbered 15. If I had taken action it would have cost me $75,00 for that one week. If I had answered all of them, I'm guessing I would have spent between $200 to $300 thousand in that one month alone.

Yes, they are spam emails. However, I have found it interesting how they have changed the wording. In the past, it had been just a blank request for help. Now, if it is a woman asking for help they start out, “My Dear Frank.” It is no longer “Mr. Nanney” but “Dear Frank” as if we are old friends. Then they tell me how many millions of dollars they are trying to get out of their country. They write if I would help them by sending a check for 5,000 U. S. Dollars they would split the number of million dollars, 50-50. Sounds like a real deal, right?

And then there was one man who wrote he was an attorney for a late  Mr. Nanney and he had been looking for several months for a Nanney relative and was happy he had found me. The estate was several million dollars and I was entitled to all of it, less, of course, the 5,000 U. S. Dollars to clear it through customs.

I really found that one interesting because I know there are Nanneys in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Minnesota. So why me? He never gave me the first name of my relative or any information whatsoever as to how I was a “relative.”

Oh well, I am not a millionaire, but at least I saved myself several hundred thousand dollars.

And, as my parting shot: Stay Happy! … Stay Healthy! ... But most importantly, Let's PRAY!

Now, let's take a look at some happenings of years gone by:

1930 – William Trimm of South Hill was one of thirty outstanding boys selected as a Virginia Planter.

A new charter for a Boy Scout Troop in South Hill was issued with E. S. Pugh as Scoutmaster and Johnnie Jones as Assistant Scoutmaster after the old charter had expired.

`Lake Warren announced its opening Friday, June 27 with music by Bob Lawrence and his Orchestra for a $2.00 admission. However, dancers will get a rebate of gate fees.

Mr. P. M. Blalock announced he had moved his garage equipment from Baskerville to Union Level.

1940 – A new, modern tourist court was under construction by J. A. Holmes on the west side of North Mecklenburg Ave., north of Chaptico Road.

  Mecklenburg County School Trustees for the ensuing year were reappointed for the following Districts: Boydton – J. A Creedle; Bluestone – P. N. Winn; Buckhorn – J. W. Hamlin; Chase City – Shelton H. Short Jr.; Clarksville – A. P. Johnson; La Crosse – C. D. Jones; Palmer Springs – W. H. Read; South Hill – F. L. Nanny.

Bill Hamlin's RBI single in the ninth inning with the bases loaded gave Buckhorn a 5-4 win over Townsville, N. C.

1950 – Yancey Gordon, caretaker, estimated approximately 2,000 fishermen tried their luck at the Grand Opening of Lake Gordon, between South Hill and Union Level.

Mayor C. G. Butts told members of the South Hill Rotary Club that South Hill's number one problem was having an inadequate supply of water and that the disposal of sewage was number two.

South Hill's population in the 1950 census showed an increase of 24.6% to 2,148. Mecklenburg County's population increased by over 1,000 for a total of 33,477.

1960 – Three new appointments were made by the United Methodist Conference for area churches. La Crosse – Rev. S. S. Cole, with Rev. A. R. Knotts Jr. transferred to Prospect; North Mecklenburg – Rev. William T. Kessler, with Rev. Norman H. Tucker transferred to West Buckingham; South Brunswick – Rev, A. Kenneth Lambdin Jr., with Rev. Robert J. Callis transferred to Galax.

Norman Sheldon Jr. received his degree of Doctor of Medicine at the University of Alabama.  He was married to the former Anne Walker of South Hill.

The Rev. J. F. Carroll, former pastor of the churches of the North Mecklenburg Circuit, was named “Rural Minister of the Year” by the United Methodist Conference.

Harry Mewborn Jr. of South Hill received his Pharmacist Degree from the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond.

James B. Cook Jr. of La Crosse received his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard Graduate School.

1970 – Elizabeth Anne Moody, 18, was crowned Miss South Hill. Kay Coleman was selected First Runner-Up and Pat Taylor was Second Runner-Up.

Theresa Wells, age 4, was crowned Little Miss South Hill.

Jimmy Keith Crowder was installed as President of the South Hill Lions Club.

Mrs. Linda Bagley was installed as President of the Rose Hill Garden Club.

Joe O. Taylor Jr. was installed as President of the South Hill Jaycees. Three individuals in the community received special awards – Mickey Moore, Key Man Award; Mrs. Cordie Newman, Outstanding Leadership to the President of the Jaycees; and James D. Jones Jr., presented a 50-year Medallion as Charter President of the Chapter in 1958.

Mrs. Rose Szalanski was installed as President of the South Hill Jaycettes.

1980 – Joe Taylor, CLU, of South Hill was elected President of the Southern Piedmont Life Underwriters Association.

Peggy Gill of Union Level was promoted to Major in the United States Air Force. She was named Chief of Personnel for the Air Force Inspection and Safety Center at San Bernandino, Calif. 

Miss Mary Stuart Moseley of Bracey retired from teaching after 32 years, the last 22 in Arlington County.

Mrs. Bonnie Porter, Operator of Brighter Day Ceramics and Gifts, will have a Grand

Opening this weekend for her new shop located in the old E-Z Way Building on Rt. 1, Alberta.

1990 – Mike Whitt was installed as President of the South Hill Lions Club.

Ann C. Thompson was elected President of the South Hill-La Crosse VFW Post No, 7166 Auxiliary.

Mrs. Janet Waller was elected Mayor of the Town of Alberta. New to Town Council were 

Dr. Suzanne Horne and Melissa King.

Rodney Eugene Wynn of Lawrenceville was elected as a Cabinet Officer of the East Central District.

2000 – Keith Moore was elected Captain of the Southside Rescue Squad. The Squad celebrated a its 40th Anniversary, having formed in June 1960.

BGF in South Hill recognized employees with 15 or more years of service: Richard Walker, 36 years; Robert Wilkins, 31 years; Marjorie Carter, 30 years; Jean Alexander, 28 years; Shirley Thorne, 27 years; Herbert Binford, 24 years; and 16 years each: Theresa Harris, Richmond Marks, and Barbara Owen.

Jed S. Vanichkacorn of South Hill, completed training in Orthopaedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. He was awarded the Evert J. Gordon Award that is given annually to the chief resident demonstrating the best clinical skills during surgery.

Dennis Edwards received a Pin from the American Red Cross in recognition of his donating 100 pints of blood.

2010 – Rob Crissman of Bracey was presented the South Hill Rotary Club's Service Above Self Award in honor of his unselfish kindness and generosity to others.

Dr. Jeffery W. Hively joined the Clarksville Family Practice. He has 14 years experience, having moved to Clarksville from Charleston, W. Va.

Susie Wolf of Kenbridge was installed to a 3-year term as Regent of the William Taylor Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Emily Brooks was installed as President of the Community Memorial Healthcenter Auxiliary.

Brenda Roberts, Jeanne Trent, Judy Goff and Emily Brooks were recognized by for Community Memorial Healthcenter Auxiliary for 3,500 Volunteer hours. Also recognized were Ruth Reams, 3,100; Edna Hamlin, 3,100; and Christine Park, 3,000.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and continue to read. Thank you for the many comments I continue to receive, they are very meaningful. You may contact me at