First, I want (need) to clear up the absence of a column last week. I wrote the column and, as usual, I proofed my typing Sunday morning, after attending (outdoor) church services at All Saints' Episcopal Church. I was so pleased that I even left my “man cave” and told my that I had sent it over email to the Enterprise.

The only trouble is that usually I double check to make sure the email connected.  Only this time I apparently did not and did not know this until I read the Editor's email on Thursday that she had not received my column and that she was unable to reach me by telephone.

That was because Barbara and I had left Monday morning for Midlothian where a surgeon cut my scalp open and removed some cancer. Everything went well, except I told the surgeon while she had a hole in my scalp to please insert some brains in while she was at it. Three hours later she came in and announced “Congratulations, Mr. Nanney, we got all the cancer out.” Then she told me she was sorry but she was unable to insert the brain tissue because there was too much “sawdust” in my scalp. 

Not really, just thought that was a good ending to a successful day. Now, here is the column you missed last week. 

Finally, there is some good news to report on other than commending a group of seniors who have had a very trying time, but survived it all to receive their diplomas. Good luck on your future endeavors.

The latest news is welcoming good news after all the reports on the COVID 19 Virus that fills our newspapers, television and radio news every day. Of course, the good news is the hiring of Mrs. Shannon Lambert to take over the duties as the new Executive Director of the South Hill Chamber of Commerce. I had the pleasure of working on projects with Mrs. Lambert when she was employed by Community Memorial Healthcenter, and feel confident she will handle the job with professionalism. And, I wish her the very best.

Mrs. Lambert will replace the retiring Frank Malone, who is completing his 20th year as the Chamber's Executive Director. It is no surprise that he has had a very successful career as he was for a number of years (approximately 30) a popular morning DJ with South Hill's radio station, WJWS AM and FM.

Thank you, Frank Malone, for a very successful career, both on the radio and with the Chamber. You have made a positive impression on the lives of people in Southside Virginia and northern North Carolina.

The great work of all of the Chamber's past Executive Directors has not gone unnoticed by this writer. What most of you do not know, or if you did know, you have forgotten, because it happened over 55 years ago. With my final remarks to the Chamber members I requested of the Chambers's Board of Directors to seriously consider appointing an Executive Director to take care of the Chamber's day-to-day business. South Hill was on the brink of an industrial explosion that would require too much of a President that had the job of taking care of his own business.

To the Board's credit, they passed my suggestion and later voted to hire Jack Grazier, a retiring Burlington executive, as the chamber's first full-time Executive Director.

And, as my parting shot: Stay Happy! … Stay Healthy! ... But most importantly, Let's PRAY!

Now, let's take a look at some happenings of years gone by:

1930 – Mrs. Iris Ritenour, Mecklenburg County Home Demonstration Agent for the past two years, submitted her resignation as she had accepted an offer for a similar position for Washington County. India Miller, her assistant, will succeed her as Agent in the county.

Montgomery Drug Co. in South Hill announced the hiring of an additional Pharmacist, J. B. Daniel of Scottsville.

William Hunter, Cashier of the Citizens Bank of South Hill, was elected President of the Mecklenburg County Bankers Association.

Mr. A. B. Snellings opened a Miniature Golf Course in Boydton, next door to his Pharmacy Store.

1940 – The Virginia Tea Room announced the opening of Rainbow Garden, a short order feature, with free parking on the lot next door on North Mecklenburg Ave.

There was high anticipation and excitement in the air as the starting pitchers for the South Hill Volunteers and the Lawrenceville Green Sox will be the two top pitchers for La Crosse and South Hill High Schools this past spring. Rudy Kirkland (of La Crosse) will pitch for South Hill and Babe Freeman (of South Hill) will be on the mound for Lawrenceville.  Kirkland is 2-0 with the Volunteers. The game is set for June 24.

1950 – William G. Sizemore defeated Incumbent Mayor F. A. Burton, 150-96 in the Clarksville Town elections. Nine people ran for the six Town Council seats. Elected were Otto Sizemore, A. D. Russell, W. J. Clary, S. W. Gill, C. M. Nunn and John A. Watkins.

An exact full-size duplicate of the Liberty Bell was on tour of the United States. It will make stops in South Hill on June 20 and in Boydton, Chase City and Clarksville on June 21.

1960 – Dr. Wirt L. Davis joined the medical staff of Community Memorial Hospital as a surgeon. His office was located at 502 North Thomas St.

Mrs. Henry M. Tanner Jr. was installed as President of the Rose Hill Garden Club.

Mrs. Charles Owen Jr. was elected President of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 79.

1970 – The South Hill Rotary Club honored two long-time members for their service to the club, C. E. Vassar, a charter member, was recognized for 25 years of continuous service as Sergeant-at-Arms, and Thomas W. Leggett for 15 years of continuous service as Secretary-Treasurer.

Karen Rowland was installed as Honored Queen of Bethel No. 63, International Order of Job's Daughters.

Army Sergeant Deforest Ogburn of Rt. 2, South Hill, received the Good Conduct Medal while assigned to the American Division near Chu Lai, Vietnam. He was a Gunner with Battery D, 1st Battalion of the Division's 82nd Artillery.

1980 – William R. “Billy” Vaughan Jr. was honored by the Southside Rescue Squad, Inc. with a plaque for 16 years of service as Captain of the Squad. Making the presentation was the new Squad Captain, Richard S. Moody Jr.

Edward R. Burge, former Postmaster of the Dolphin Post Office, received a service award from the U. S. Postal Service for 32 years as a Postmaster and Rural Carrier.

Ronnie Hobgood of Henderson, N. C., had a record-breaking score of 144, even par for the 2-day Tanglewood Shores Golf and Country Club Golf Tournament. Monty Rainey placed second, Jim Brummitt, third and Buzzy Adams, fourth.

Eddie Bugg and Harold Thornton won First Place in the South Hill Father's Day Doubles Tennis Tournament held in South Hill.

1990 – Mrs. Margaret Hazelwood was appointed Postmaster for the La Crosse Post Office. She was a 9-year veteran with the Postal Service.

Mrs. Connie Mason was installed as President of the South Hill Junior Woman's Club. Mrs. Valerie Whitt was named the “Outstanding Club Member of the Year.”

Mrs. Frances Moseley was honored at a luncheon on her retirement from teaching for 36 years at Russell Jr. High, Lawrenceville.

Bryant Reese won his second South Hill Country Club Invitational Golf Tournament with a 2-day score of 140, 2-under par. He won by four strokes.

2000 – Frank Malone, who spent over 30 years with WSHV radio in South Hill, was named Executive Director of The South Hill Chamber of Commerce.

Justin Sculthorpe was named Valedictorian of Park View Senior High School and Joshua Hendrick, Joseph Matzen and Susanne Davis were named Co-Salutatorians.

Chris Jackson was sworn in as South Hill's newest Police Officer.

Mrs. Dianne Rogers was installed as President of the South Hill American Legion Auxiliary Unit 79. Mrs. Reggie Clary was named “Lady of the Year” for the Auxiliary.

Edwin T. Walker of South Hill died June 18. He was a retired Mecklenburg County School Principal and worked in the Central Office in Boydton. He also served as Senior Warden at Trinity Episcopal Church in South Hill.

John Miller was appointed to fill the vacant seat on the Lawrenceville Town Council due to the resignation of Debbie Edmonds due to sickness.

Lawrenceville Town Council appointed C. J. Dean as the Town Manager, effective July 1.

2010 – Meredith Reamey and Vanessa Nworahocha were named Co-Valedictorians for Park View Senior High's Graduation Class.

Angelique Sturdifen was named Valedictorian for Bluestone Senior High's Graduation Class.

Charity Kene Thompson was named Valedictorian and Eric Joseph Evans, Salutatorian, for Brunswick Senior High School Graduation Class.

Former Park View High School standout pitcher Rasheed Wallace signed a contract with the Washington Nationals after being selected in the 49th round.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and continue to read. Thank you for the many comments I continue to receive, they are very meaningful. You may contact me at