The 2019 Bluestone High School football season has officially ended. Bluestone Athletic Director Justin Kirkland released a statement this afternoon that goes into detail about the circumstances that led to Bluestone cancelling their season finale tonight at Goochland High School. You can read the full statement below. 

Kirkland says that as of this morning, Bluestone head football coach  Harry John told him that they would only be able to take 11 or 13 players to the game. Kirkland then met with Virginia High School League (VHSL) officials to discuss the matter. The VHSL’s opinion was that carrying that small amount of players, and also having some of those players play positions that they are not accustomed to, could cause unnecessary risks to the players that did play. It was then decided by the Bluestone High School administration and Kirkland that they would forfeit the game. 

Kirkland goes on to extend apologies to the Goochland High School athletic director, staff and football team for having to forfeit the game. Tonight’s game was also senior night at Goochland, and Kirkland expresses that he did everything he could to honor Bluestone’s commitment to play, but could not in good conscience support playing with the depleted Barons roster. 

The Barons will finish the year with a 2-8 record and 2-5 record in the James River District. 

Statement from Bluestone Athletic Director Justin Kirkland:

 Due to the inability to field an adequate team, thus creating an increased threat to athlete safety, the Bluestone Athletic program, along with administration made the decision to cancel its final game of the season, a road game at Goochland.

As of Friday morning, Coach Harry John reported that eleven, maybe thirteen players, could participate. After speaking with VHSL Director Tom Dolan, Assistant Director Chris Robinson and other VHSL personnel, I met with school administration to share the VHSL’s opinion that playing with that number of players, many of whom would be playing unfamiliar positions at which they’ve never played, could create unnecessary risks to player safety and was not recommended. Together, school administration, central office personnel, and I then made the reluctant decision to inform Goochland of our decision to forfeit the game.

Bluestone Athletics would like to personally apologize to Goochland High School, Goochland Athletic Director Joe Fowler, the Goochland High Athletic Department, and the football team in particular. We understand and regret the impact of cancelling any game, especially Senior Night. I assure them, as well as the public, that I did everything in my power to honor Bluestone’s commitment to Goochland; however, I could not, in good conscience support playing with the depleted roster. I hope the public understands, and I look forward to working with Goochland High School in the future.