Do you ever wonder what all those wire cage enclosures are you see around the lake?  What are they? Who put them there and why?  Then learn firsthand the answer to those questions.  Become a VOLUNTEER for the annual habitat enhancement project supported by the Lake Gaston Association and many volunteers who make LKG a better habitat for animals, fishing, swimming, boating and all recreational activities on the water.

The event for volunteers begins on June 15th through June 17th.  Can be extended in case of bad weather to Friday the 18th. The three work site muster locations are:  Tuesday June 15th will be at Granite Hall HOA boat launch. Wednesday the 16th will be on Poplar Creek and meeting at the public boat launch on RT 903 and on Thursday at the public boat launch Salmons Landing on Stonehouse Creek.  All start times are at 830am and a projected day is till about 3pm.  Lunch is provided along with water.

You will be in water less than 4 feet deep as you can see in the photo.  You should have old sneakers or other water shoes, gloves, sunglasses, hat or visor. There are several tasks that must be completed, and some do not require you to be in the water.  Who can volunteer?   Adults of all ages, teens above 12 years of age.  Groups i.e., Boy and Girl Scouts, students who need volunteer community hours for school (signed by NC wildlife) and just about anyone else.  Life jackets provided while in transport.  We ask that you try to make all three days but one or two is great.  You may want to choose the locations nearest you. 

Volunteers will be working side by side with staff from NC Wildlife Commission, VA department of Wildlife Resources and North Carolina State University.  Sponsor groups:  Lake Gaston Weed Control Council, Lake Gaston Association, NC Wildlife Commission, VA Dept of Wildlife Resources, Sports Fish Restoration Program, NCSU Crop Science department.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please contact Jeff Zimmer at:  jzimmer2216@gmail.com