Positive cases confirmed in South Hill and LaCrosse Elementary; County reaches 700 cases

As of Monday, September 28 Virginia has identified 146,593 cases of COVID-19 in the state. Of the 100,000+ cases, 3,172 have resulted in death; another 10,916 of those cases have led to hospitalizations.

Mecklenburg County now stands at 718 positive cases with 44 attributed hospitalizations and 33 resulting deaths. No new outbreaks have been confirmed in the County. Superintendent Paul Nichols verified that, “Clarksville [Elementary] has only had one teacher that came down with a case before school started…There were a few teachers that were out, but they might have come back already [after quarantining]…We have had one student at South Hill Elementary school that tested positive…we did the social tracing there and the other students in that classroom and the teacher ended up in quarantine. We’ve had the same situation in one class at LaCrosse Elementary.”

Neither the case at South Hill Elementary or LaCrosse Elementary have led to a new outbreak, where an outbreak is defined as two or more positive cases of COVID-19 occurring in the same setting.

Nichols also noted that MCPS will notify parents, “immediately. Parents of the classroom are notified… of course we have to follow the federal information regulations not to identify the student. But, parents are notified immediately for quarantine information and then an all-call goes out to the school to let all the parents of the school know that there was a case in the building.”

In the Southside Health District, 491 total cases have been attributed to outbreaks in the district. Another 102 healthcare workers have tested positive in relation to outbreaks. There have still only been 14 outbreaks in the district, with the biggest offender being long-term care facilities. 

The Virginia Department of Health’s website has further divided educational settings into the groups of College/University, Child Care, and K-12 to narrow down where exactly outbreaks are taking place.