Ribbon cutting ceremony held for Frito Lay

LAWRENCEVILLE – The Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority Board of Directors hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony recently for Frito Lay located at 958 Industrial Park Drive in the Brunswick County Industrial Park. 

Mike Dotti, Executive Director, Brunswick County IDA, thanked Frito Lay for investing here bringing jobs and tax dollars to Brunswick County. He said the company supports local contractors, gas stations, restaurants, building supplies companies and others. 

“Today we celebrate the opening of Frito Lay’s newest distribution location. We are so thankful to so many of you who have had a role in this project. In April of 2019 Mr. Akers, Integration Project Manager, Frito Lay North America and Greg Saad, President of Saad Development Corporation, contacted me and they quickly determined that Brunswick County would be their ‘Destination of Choice.’ Their total investment was right at $2.2 million,” Dotti stated. 

Dotti thanked the Board of Directors, past and present, for the vision to create a project ready Industrial Park. He thanked Gloria Menyweather-Woods, Chair, IDA Board, State Senator Frank Ruff and Delegate Otto Wachsmann, the IDA staff for their help with the project. He also thanked the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator Leslie Weddington for their leadership and for Visio 2035, the path to strong economic development. 

“Economic development is a team sport. We work together for the best interests of our citizens. We have a strong team. I work side by side with Alfreda Reynolds, Director of Economic Development. When I ask her for something she has three immediate responses, yes, what do you need, and how can I help. The same goes for Everette Gibson, Lawrenceville Town Manager. There are many others and we are all working side by side to move this county forward. What we are doing, we are doing together,” Dotti stated.

Dotti thanked Christopher Baird owner of the Lake Country General Store for providing the delicious food. 

Supervisor Dr. Alfonzo Seward, Vice Chair, Brunswick County Board of Supervisors, said it was important to thank God first for blessing our county with a new business. Second he recognized his fellow board members and other elected officials. Supervisor John Zubrod, Supervisor Bernard Jones and Supervisor Dr. Barbara Jarrett Harris attended. 

Dr. Seward thanked members of the community and those outside of Brunswick to the event and thanked them for making Brunswick, the location of choice. 

“Brunswick County is open for business and looking forward to further progress. Where there is no vision, the people will perish. I would also like to thank everyone that participated in the process of bringing this vision to fruition in Brunswick. It takes a collaborative effort to bring a business to a community. It is a true illustration of teamwork making the dream work. 

“Benjamin Franklin once said ‘without continual growth and progress, such as words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning. Brunswick County is the location of choice,” Dr. Seward stated. 

Delegate Wachsmann said it was a pleasure to get out of Richmond and was pleased to be part of a ribbon cutting to welcome a new business to the area. He said the facility will bring jobs and he commended the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors, Alfreda Jarrett Reynolds and Mike Dotti for their hard work for the citizens of Brunswick County. 

Greg Saad said he enjoyed working with Dotti and Reynolds on the project crediting their professionalism. He said he looked forward to working with them and others. 

“Thank you Mike and Alfreda. We are proud to be here,” Saad said. 

Ray Thomas, Secretary-Treasurer Clerk, Brunswick County IDA Board, said this was a great day for Brunswick County. He also commended Dotti and Reynolds for their efforts to bring jobs to Brunswick County. Thomas credited Kevin Blackwell and others who had the vision 30 years ago to support the industrial park. He said Brunswick County is “Open for Business.” 

Reynolds said this was the 10th ribbon cutting. She also expressed appreciation for the partnerships with the BCIDA and the Town of Lawrenceville. Reynolds said they are working collaboratively to chart a new path – calling attention to Brunswick County being a “Location of Choice.” She said she was looking forward to ribbon cutting #11. 

Supervisor Dr. Barbara Jarrett Harris offered a blessing of the food. 

For more information about the company call the Brunswick IDA office at (434) 848-0248.