Meet the Candidates: Jackie Hinman

1.) Please tell me why you are interested in being a member of the South Hill Town Council?

“I’m a retired registered nurse and I feel like I have the time. I want to give back to the community. I’m interested in seeing South Hill move forward.”


2.) What special qualities, skills, and interests would you bring to the position?

“Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a detailed person. I’m good with math. I think I’ve gained some knowledge with my decades of living. I’m concerned with adequate housing and I am with the Shepherd’s Inn and shop. I’ve been a part owner of that since it’s inception so I’m familiar with paperwork and I know what it means to have a business open and to have to meet deadlines and what’s required.”

3.) Based on what you know about the Town Council, where would you expect to excel and what part of the position would you find more challenging?

“I would like to hear the Council give a response when public opinions are voiced. I’m concerned about getting up to speed on projects that have already begun. That to me would be more challenging because there’s a long history. I think the political side of it will be more of a challenge for me but I’m up to that challenge.”

4.) Describe your leadership experience. Be specific about what your tasks and responsibilities were.

“I’ve been a charge nurse in charge of scheduling and traveling. I’ve been involved in safety issues, teaching, writing procedures, and being empathetic; listening with an empathetic ear and trying to help solve problems. I’ve always had an open door policy.”

5.) Are there any developmental or beautification projects that you would like to see happen in South Hill? 

“I think we need more children and youth activities like a bowling alley. Get that theater back running. Get the watersplash park underway, putt putt, a game room, something for the youth. Get the department store for clothing opened so we can keep our money in South Hill. I’d like to see the large building behind Roma’s restaurant be turned in to an indoor track for adults. I also think we need more parades.”

6.) What are some areas that you feel need extra attention within the town?

“I think the downtown area could use a lot of improvement. Not to compare to other areas but if you go to Blackstone you see nice benches and big pots of flowers. I’d like to see the pedestrian crosswalks repainted so that they are more obvious. For safety reasons I’d like to see those improved.”

7.) There have been many conversations at the Council meetings about the issue of transparency from the Town Manager and staff. How important is it for the citizens to receive factual and complete information from its leaders?

“VERY! We, as citizens, have a right to know how our tax money is being spent and what the plans are for our money. We deserve to know from our leaders, not from a budget that is 90 pages and in an 8-point font that no one understands or has time to read through. I’m not just representing Ward II, I’m representing over 1400 registered voters and those that are not registered. We need to be aware of that and share more. None of this fighting amongst ourselves in public, it’s very distasteful.”

8.) Describe your work ethic. What approach do you take to successfully managing a very busy demanding job while maintaining a life outside of work?

“I’m an honest person and a Christian. It’s very important for me to be fair and empathetic. Going back on my years of experience and decision making and having conversations with town staff about the time requirements, I truly believe that I could dedicate a lot of my time to this endeavor.”

9.) Tell me a little bit about your personal life. Are you from South Hill? If not, how long have you lived here? Married? Children? Grandchildren? Hobbies?

“I came here 25 years. I am married. My husband runs the Shepherd’s Inn and Shop here in town. We’re both originally from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I have two children and two grandchildren and my husband has two boys and four grandchildren. We do not have any children together. We came here in 1998 and I worked at the Pavillion until it closed and then I was a traveling nurse for several years. I love crocheting and especially for others. I love to travel and read and spend times with my three cats and one dog. I also take care of many local stray cats in the area, making sure that they do not go hungry.”

10.) What is the biggest change that you would like to see regarding the town and it’s leadership?

“I think unity is a big change we would all like to see. Sometimes Council is at odds with the Town Manager and I want to see South Hill move forward.”

11.) Anything else that you would like for the voters to know about you and your vision?

“Well facilities need to be upgraded but whatever we do, maintain the small town ambiance. I think we can beautify from within and make the town even better.”