Daughters meet at Lunenburg Courthouse
William Taylor Chapter Regent Linda Bagley of Kenbridge thanks the Honorable Gordon F. Erby, Clerk of the Lunenburg Circuit Court,
for his presentation at the chapter’s November meeting.
At its meeting on November 14, the William Taylor Chapter of the National Society
Daughters of the American Revolution met at Lunenburg County’s historic 1827 court
house. Gordon F. Erby, Clerk of the Circuit Court, discussed with the membership the
varied responsibilities of the the Clerk, who holds an elected position for a term
of eight years.

The Honorable Mr. Erby reminded members that the Clerk who held the record for the
longest tenure (51 years) in this position in Lunenburg was William Taylor, for whom
the local DAR chapter was named.  There have only been 17 clerks since Lunenburg
County was created in 1746, with the average length of service at 16 years.  Erby
has served since 1997.

The Clerk’s office is custodian of a variety of legal documents, including land
records, wills, marriage and divorce records, and criminal cases. Lunenburg has
records that predate the American Revolution, with a number of the older books being
restored.   The record-keeping has become more complicated over the years and the
volume of paperwork has increased.  Erby displayed examples of old and new filings.

DAR is a non-profit, non-political service organization that promotes historic
preservation, education, and patriotism. The William Taylor Chapter has local
members throughout Southside Virginia with a large number from Brunswick, Lunenburg,
and Mecklenburg Counties.