Small Business Spotlight: Creedmoor Wellness overcomes pandemic and keeps business thriving

Dr. Cheryl and her dog Bouy.

Before opening in Mecklenburg County, Creedmoor Wellness Center struggled to overcome the hardships of the COVID pandemic, but ultimately found a way to keep the business alive and prospering in a new location.

The company opened in Creedmoor, North Carolina in March of 2007 but was forced to close the doors to that location and reevaluate their practice like many businesses in the past couple of years.

“We purchased a cargo unit to use for marketing opportunities. Our idea was to open our mobile chiropractic office and serves patients around our home town.  We parked our mobile unit at the Artist of Elements art gallery.  It did not take long for people to find Dr. Cheryl.  Soon after, the State of VA and Mecklenburg County approved our request to open our Redlawn Road location,” said Shenna Shotwell. “Recently, we were offered a new location at 9718 Highway 903 near Tanglewood. This location has been open since April 11. We do half days at both the Redlawn Road and Tanglewood locations and we still go back to Creedmoor, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, to serve our patients.”

Dr. Cheryl and her wife of 22 years, Shenna, opened the first office with a borrowed chiropractic table and two $99 office suites, which included a desk, a bookcase and a printer cart, from Staples.

“We didn't have any blinds on the windows for the first six months we were in the office, but we did have a passion to succeed and I had and still have the conviction that the human body is the most incredible, self-healing, self-regulating system there is. I also knew that if the body is given what it needs, it would heal correctly and repair itself. I have learned over the years that the patients that would take ownership of that fact or would, ‘fake it 'til they make it’ always came out on the healing side of things.”

“My passion to find what the body needs has been a quest that I have been on for the past 17 years and I have added a few tools to my tool bag along the way. I think what most distinguishes me from my colleagues is my ability to listen to my patients and hear the story behind the story. The human body has different levels of toxicity and deficiency. Problems are individual and unique. I listen to the story that is in front of me and address the root-cause of that story.  I am board-studied diplomat in functional neurology. I use vibrational healing, scalar wave technology, pulsed lasers and plasma waves. I use eye-tracking software to find issues with the eyes that relate to dizziness, vertigo, anxiety and many other vestibular issues. The human body knows how to heal. I help bridge the communication gap between the body and its owner.”

Dr. Cheryl was born and raised in Kansas City before moving to Fort Worth, Texas in 1995. Cheryl and Shenna met in Dallas in April of 2000 and relocated to Kansas City, where Dr. Cheryl attended Chiropractor College.

“I am a solo practitioner. Shenna works with me at the office as well as one of our dearest friends, Sherri. We have known her since opening CWC in 2007.”

In their free time, Dr. Cheryl and Shenna love to go fishing, boating, camping, and do pretty much anything that involves being outdoors in nature. They have one son, a daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren that live in Fort Worth, TX. Here in Mecklenburg County they get to enjoy time with their two dogs and one cat.

“We are fun-loving hippie chicks that believe in being honest, offering a great value for a fair price and having fun while doing it. Our goal is to always leave people bigger than we found them. We love making a difference. We are also part of a group of amazing people that just hosted the first-ever Cannabis festival in southern Virginia. Cannabis is a very powerful, healing plant.”

To book an appointment with Dr. Cheryl contact Creedmoor Wellness at 919-528-7290 or visit their website