Palmer Springs Six-Year-Old Organizes Homeless Relief Effort

Camden DeOrnellas of Palmer Spring. 

When we think of six-year-old children we picture them playing games, starting school, and simply just being a kid. How many do we seeing orchestrating a drive to help the homeless? Well, that is what six-year-old Camden DeOrnellas did when he learned about the homeless. He never fathomed in his young mind that there were those who didn’t live like he did. Camden had many questions: “Do they not want to live in a home? Why don’t they have homes? What can we do to help them?” His mother, naturally taken aback by the young boys sudden interest and questions had him speak with their friend Heather Sharp.

Heather is the pastor’s wife at the Warrenton Church of God located in Warrenton, NC. Her church had recently started raising supplies to distribute to the homeless in the area and are currently working alongside county leaders and Warren United Ministries to open a shelter in Warren County. Camden and Heather’s discussion was very eye opening to the young boy.

We would understand when our children in grade school levels learns about things and then continue on with something else, but Camden did not take this direction. Hearing about the homeless sparked in him a desire to help the homeless that he was learning about. Camden asked his church at Ebenezer Baptist of South Hill, VA, his parents place of work at Marino’s Pizza in South Hill, VA, and friends and family for donations. Before you knew, Camden had collection a sizeable donation of items such as hygiene products, snacks, socks and winter hats.

Heather and Camden then put together numerous Ziplock bags of supplies and snacks for the homeless. He even made individual note cards to place in each bag letting each person know they are loved and cared for. On Valentine’s Day Camden, Pastor Philip Sharp and Heather went out to disburse the bags. They dropped some off at a local group home for men and then they went driving around the county to give out to any homeless they saw. Everyone was naturally touched by the gesture. Never underestimate what our children can learn and do!