Two women were flown via helicopter for medical attention following a dog bite incident that occurred in Bracey last weekend.

According to Mecklenburg Animal Control Officer Doug Blanton, the incident occurred at the A Plus gas station on Highway 903, formerly Circle K, and involved a pet pit bull from North Carolina.

Blanton said the dog owner and her 13-year-old son were on their way back to Charlotte, N.C., when they stopped at the gas station. The teen put the dog on a leash and exited the vehicle. He and his mother exited the vehicle to examine where something possibly struck the car while traveling along Interstate 85 South.

As they were examining the car, a local woman parked nearby, exited and began to walk by. The two ladies struck up a conversation.

After a few moments, as the woman turned to leave, the dog jumped on her, knocked her down and bit her on the left arm.

The dog owner frantically began trying to pry the dog’s mouth from the other woman’s arm. In the process, the owner of the dog had the end of at least one finger bitten off and received other bites to her hands.

The dog owner finally got the dog to release the woman’s arm and placed the dog back inside the vehicle.

According to Animal Control, it is not known why the dog reacted the way it did. The dog did not bark, growl or show any sign of aggression while the two women conversed.

“When she went to walk away, the dog, for no reason, jumped on her,” Blanton said.

Following the incident, Lake Gaston First Responders, Central Rescue of Brunswick County, Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s deputies and Mecklenburg County Animal Control officers were called to the scene.

Once first responders assessed the injuries, two medical helicopters were dispatched to transport the women for treatment.

Lake Gaston Volunteer Fire Department was called to set up two separate landing zones for two helicopters, one at the Lake Gaston Inn and one at the Slip-In gas station.

These two locations sit across Highway 903 from each other, near Interstate 85’s Exit 4.

One of the women was flown to Duke Medical Center in North Carolina and the other to VCU Medical Center in Richmond.

As of press time, both women had been discharged from the hospital.

“It will still take them a long time to get over this,” Blanton said. “I have been doing animal control for about six years now, and this incident is in the top three worst dog bites that I have been to.”