Chase City Town Council approved the appropriation of $15,000 from IDA sales funds to use for repairs to the Chase City Community Park. The park has fallen into disrepair after years of neglect and not being utilized.

Concerned about possible vandalism, B. J. Mull responded that, “I’m all for it, but we need to put some kind of measures in over there as far as cameras…Can we make sure that that is part of it?” Dusty Forbes answered that the Town can certainly look into how much cameras and a system would cost, but that cameras were not included in the initial estimate of $15K.

Dusty shared that he has sent emails to Dominion to see if they can support the Town and help out in any way toward the cost. He has also spoken to Bluestone High School Coach Quan Smith about community outreach for the project. The Town wants to know what citizens would be interested in seeing for the park in the future.

Currently, Chase City is focusing on completing construction of the volleyball courts, adding a Pavilion between the volleyball courts and baseball fields, painting and cleaning the current structures, repairing the existing bleachers at the old field, and buying/replacing bases and other necessary equipment.

In another effort to beautify the Town, the Council approved the first reading of an amendment to the Town Ordinance that would require owners of vacant and derelict properties to pay a yearly registration fee of $100 to the Town. This amendment serves to discourage unkempt displays within town limits.

The amendment also reads that in the case there is a failure to register a derelict building, the Town will charge a $200-$400 civil penalty. Notice will be mailed to the owner(s) at the address which property tax notices are sent 30 days prior to the assessment of a civil penalty.

The Town council also took the following actions at February’s Town Meeting:

An application for the rezoning of 27 North Main Street has been submitted. Applicants Glenn and Lisa Gillespie look to rezone the lot from commercial use to residential. The Chase City Planning Commission recommended that a public hearing date be set for March 2.

The Town Treasurer has been approved to use $4,078 in contingency funds to pay for a UV replacement screen and plugs for repairs at the lagoon of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

MacCallum More Museum & Gardens has submitted an application for a conditional-use permit for a private well on the property to be used for the irrigation of plants and flowers on the property. MacCallum More is seeking the approval of this application due to the exorbitant amount they currently pay to the Town for water usage. The Town Council has referred this application to the Town Planning Commission for further review.

Paul Jackson submitted an application for rezoning of the 757 Boyd Street lot from commercial use to residential. The Town Council referred the application to the Planning Commission for further discussion.