Former PV standout is changing the landscape of his old neighborhood

Most will remember Jamethro Rogers as a former Park View Dragons sports standout in Mecklenburg County but now, the former Juvenile Probation Officer and Qualified Mental Health Professional has traded his business suits for working boots. In recent years, Rogers has developed a passion for real estate investment and community development, prompting him to a new business with his wife, Shantai called Stepping Stones Properties.

“Stepping Stones is not your traditional real estate company. We do the traditional rehabs, new constructions and rentals; however, our ultimate goal and mission is to help our clients become first time home buyers and create generational wealth through homeownership,” said Rogers.

Stepping Stones completed their first new construction project in Petersburg, VA over five years ago and while it was a huge learning experience for the first time developers, Rogers felt the fire ignite and knew he wanted to continue on this journey.  Jamethro adds that he has always had a desire to give back and help those who couldn’t advocate for themselves and he found ways to do that through real estate. 

Recently, Jamethro has been doing a great deal of work right here in the neighborhood he grew up in and once played in with his friends.  “Sometimes it’s strange getting up 4-5 times a week and driving from Chesterfield County to South Hill but there is no other place I rather spend my day.  I want to see my old neighborhood and the entire Southside Virginia grow and thrive”.

In 2022, Rogers built three new single-family homes in his old neighborhood and all were sold to first-time homebuyers.  His next project includes four more single-family homes, one duplex, and transforming the old Brown’s Café’ into a community facility, called the Rogers Hawkins Family Life Center, which will be used for meeting and event space.

Rogers wants to continue educating individuals about homeownership and creating generational wealth through real estate. “We have worked really hard to create an amazing team of realtors, lenders and credit specialists, essentially making it a one stop shop for those interested in becoming first time home buyers. I am in no way negating the responsibility that comes with homeownership but I just want hardworking people in our community to know that it is a very much possible to achieve. A home is not only your place of residence but it’s likely the biggest investment that you can make for your family.”

He says that through the grace of God, his parents purchased a home in 1974 and that investment is still opening doors for his family to do other things today.

It is easy to say the Rogers’ isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  Members of the community are very thankful that Jamethro has chosen to invest in his old neighborhood. Rogers says, “I sincerely appreciate everyone who has helped Stepping Stones along the way.  We cannot and do not do this alone.  There is a huge team of individuals and partners who make this all possible.  This is a very much a community effort.”

His favorite quotes that he strives to live by are “Unity is strength; division is weakness” and “Chase the purpose, not the money because if you conquer the purpose, everything else comes with that!”