Meet the Candidates: Ashley Hardee

1.) Please tell me why you are interested in being a member of the South Hill Town Council?

“I chose to run for Town Council because I believe in the betterment of our community. South Hill is a great place to work and raise a family but I believe it can be much more and our citizens deserve Council Members that are not afraid to get the job done.”

2.) What special qualities, skills, and interests would you bring to the position?

“As a Council Member I believe honesty, integrity, transparency, and strong attention to detail are very important. These are all qualities that I possess in my daily business and personal life and I strongly believe that one should have when making decisions for the future of our Town.”

3.) Based on what you know about the Town Council, where would you expect to excel and what part of the position would you find more challenging?


“The Town Council position itself would be a challenge considering this would be my first public office position but its a challenge I’m ready to take on.”

4.) Describe your leadership experience. Be specific about what your tasks and responsibilities were.

“Currently, I oversee part of the day-to-day management of Hardee Ford, our locally owned Ford dealership, and The Backyard Brews and Bites, our locally owned taproom and beer garden. My roll in both is overseeing the daily operations to include budgets, sales, and customer service.”

5.) Are there any developmental or beautification projects that you would like to see happen in South Hill? 

“As a council member I would like to see more focus on youth activities and tourism attractions. For example, we have beautiful parks but the new all inclusive playground has no shade trees which makes it difficult for parents and kids in the summer. I would like to see a community splash pad added as an addition to this playground to give our youth additional activities in the summer. In addition I would like to see us explore the cost and benefit of adding an indoor sport complex that would benefit our youth and parents in the winter months. I believe we are at the point that a dog park would be a great addition to the Town. This is just a few items that I strongly believe the Town would benefit from.”

6.) What are some areas that you feel need extra attention within the town?

“While there are so many great things about our Town the one thing that stands out the most that needs extra attention is litter. I have noticed for many years that our gateways and secondary streets have an abundance of trash in the curb and gutters as well as the ditches. South Hill Revitalization host a community clean up day twice a year to help with this and they do an amazing job but as a Town we need to put more focus and effort on having a cleaner community.”

7.) There have been many conversations at the Council meetings about the issue of transparency from the Town Manager and staff. How important is it for the citizens to receive factual and complete information from its leaders?

“It is a must for the Citizens, Town Council Members, and Staff to receive and communicate accurate and factual information. It is one’s duty when serving at the pleasure of the taxpayers.”

8.) Describe your work ethic. What approach do you take to successfully managing a very busy demanding job while maintaining a life outside of work?

“I’m a mother to two beautiful girls, a wife to an amazing husband, and help run two successful businesses. As the old saying goes, if you want to get something done, give it to someone who is busy! I love a challenge and believe the taxpayers should expect more.”

9.) Tell me a little bit about your personal life. Are you from South Hill? If not, how long have you lived here? Married? Children? Grandchildren? Hobbies?

“I am hometown lady who has lived in Ward 2 most of my life. I am the wife of Shaun Hardee and the Mother of two beautiful girls, Lila and Della.

I am an invested business owner of Hardee Ford and The Backyard Brews & Bites here in South Hill. In our spare time Shaun and I love taking the girls on trips and new adventures.”

10.) What is the biggest change that you would like to see regarding the town and it’s leadership?

“The biggest change I want to see from our local government is productivity. As a governing body, its time to discuss projects that will make a difference in our community, it’s time to work for the tax payers, it’s time to listen to the citizens needs and wants, not assume.”

11.) Anything else that you would like for the voters to know about you and your vision?

“I want the citizens of South Hill to know that I have giving very serious thought to running for Town Council. I know that one should not serve in such a capacity if they are not committed to doing the job. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work moving our Town towards a brighter future for our families, citizens, and generations to come.”