Bronx, N.Y. man facing charges; Bus driver at Davis Travel Plaza robbed

LAWRENCEVILLE – Darrin J. Jordan, 25, from Bronx, N.Y. is charged with destruction of property valued at $1,000 or more, petit larceny – less than $1,000 not from a person, destruction of property valued at less than $1,000 and disorderly conduct on June 3, 2022. 

Captain Brad Evan with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said Sergeant A. W. Connell responded to the Davis Travel Center, Warfield, Virginia around 5:27 a.m. Upon arrival Lieutenant Jarrell had Jordan detained. Jordan was a passenger on one of the buses, which had stopped at the travel center. The clerk said that Jordan wanted to buy some beer and she advised him that they were not selling beer yet, per state law. Jordan went to the cooler, which was locked, and pulled the doors open breaking both of the locks. Jordan then took two 40-ounce beers to the counter. The clerk then advised again that they were not selling beer, and Jordan was yelling and cursing and walked over to the Red Bull refrigerator cooler display. He then shattered the front glass of the cooler, bent the door, took a Red Bull and walked out of the store. Connell made contact with Blue Ridge Beverage who said the display costs more than $1,000, and they would like to press charges. The clerk then showed the officers the video footage of the incident and Connell arrested Jordan for the charges stated above. He transported Jordan to the magistrate’s office, offered him a preliminary breath test but he refused but the test picked up his breath from talking, which registered 0.12 BAC. Connell went before the magistrate and received warrants, but Jordan was too violent and disruptive for a bond hearing. 

Jordan was placed in a holding cell. He refused to come to the tray slot and surrender the handcuffs. The jail staff asked him several times to give up the handcuffs and he continued to kick the door, yell, scream and threaten staff. The jail staff gassed Jordan and after a couple of minutes he gave up Connell’s handcuffs. The magistrate advised the jail staff to bring Jordan back once he was sober and they would conduct a bond hearing. 

Evans said dispatch received a call around 4:45 a.m. for a robbery of a bus driver at the Davis Travel Center on May 29, 2022. Deputy T. K. Lewis made contact with the bus driver for N.C. Transfers, Inc. The victim said a silver Dodge Caravan was the suspect vehicle. The victim stated that they stole a backpack off of his back near the entrance of the bus. The bag contained between $35,000 - $40,000 cash that was for his boss to buy a vehicle. 

The officers reviewed the footage from the surveillance cameras and found the video of the silver van pull up and park in the parking lot. The van sat and waited in a parking spot on the side of the building in view of camera 15. The time on this camera was approximately 0419 hours. They were unable to determine a license plate or any distinguishing features other than it appeared to be silver in color. The bus log showed that the bus pulled in at approximately 0423 hours. The camera on the side of the building shows the van pulled out of its parking spot and appears to pull out behind the fuel island. The officers then looked at the camera on the front of the building, camera 17. At approximately 0427 hours the van pulled out of sight behind the bus. The officers were still not able to see any distinguishing aspects of the van. The driver stated that the van was occupied by 2 black males, 1 small framed and 1 heavy set. He also stated that there was a black female with these subjects. The victim stated that the subjects grabbed the bag off of his back and then left. Both of the cameras have a couple minute difference in the time stamp. 

Officers asked passengers on the bus if they saw anything. Lewis was unable to locate any witnesses from the passengers. The van appeared to come from the Interstate and the officers were unable to locate any footage of the suspects. 

If anyone has any information, call the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 848-3133 or call Brunswick Crime Solvers at (434) 848-2336. All information will be kept anonymous and you will not be required to testify in court. You could receive a reward up to $1,000.