Meet Tackle

Come meet this incredibly handsome Boxer mix named Tackle who is looking for a fun, active forever home! He loves to play, loves to run, and has a strong spirit. His antics, especially with toys, will keep you laughing. Tackle has a big personality and is a little bit full of himself. He can be head-strong and independent with a top-dog attitude, but has learned to listen and will usually pay attention. With the right owner who has the time, he would flourish with proper guidance and attention. Unfortunately, here in a shelter setting, with so many barking dogs at every turn, he does not show signs that he would get along with others, so has to be alone while other dogs are playing in groups. Come meet Tackle! He would love the company. He came to us as a stray on 8/28/21 weighing 50 lbs., estimated to be 1.5 years old. Call (434) 374-8076 or email for adoption info. Visit LCSPCA Mon-Sat from 12-4pm at 11764 Hwy. 15, Clarksville, VA.