Missing person case raises questions; SHPD responds with investigation overview

Monte Reavis, 22, South Hill, VA 

(Editor's Note: This article has been updated from the printed edition of the South Hill Enterprise to include a response from South Hill Police Chief Stuart Bowen.)

South Hill native, Monte Reavis, 22, has been missing since mid October. Family and friends took to social media to express concerns about the handling of the investigation by the South Hill Police Department. 

In response to those concerns the SHPD released an overview of the information found throughout the investigation. 

According to the post, Reavis was reported missing by family on Oct. 15 having had no contact with him since Oct. 9. Reavis’ mother, Shalonda Crutchfield-Green, confirmed that she had not heard from him since that time. 

Police later confirmed that on Oct. 10, Reavis was dropped off at the Days Inn Hotel in South Hill and stayed for several days. “Monte Reavis was picked up by a friend and stayed all day and night on October 9 in Littleton, NC. The same friend dropped him off at the Days Inn on October 10th. This was confirmed by the clerk who saw him through the window. She said he did not come into the lobby to check in. The same friend who dropped Monte Reavis off said he returned later and did not locate him. He said he heard he had been seen on Lombardy Street walking in the area of the "travel court." A subject that lives in the "travel court" confirmed Monte Reavis came to their residence and spent time there. Monte Reavis was last seen walking towards Days Inn,” said Police Chief Bowen.

Crutchfield-Green said she knew that he had stayed in the hotel with a friend, but did not want to provide the name of the friend for privacy reasons. She also said that she believed that police had reviewed security footage from the hotel. Chief Bowen said that footage had not been reviewed. 

After leaving the Days Inn, Reavis reportedly went to a residence in Littleton, NC. “A Sergeant with the Warren County, NC Sheriff’s Department checked the residence in Littleton that Monte Reavis stayed at after checking out from the Day's Inn. Monte Reavis was not there and the residents there said they would notify law enforcement if he returned,” said Bowen. 

On October 11, Reavis was seen in the on Robinson Ferry Road in White Plains and later seen knocking on a door on Evans Creek Road in Brodnax. Both of these areas are located in Brunswick County causing many to ask why the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office was not leading the investigation.

“When his family reported him missing the last place they knew he had been was Days Inn in South Hill. His last known permanent address was also in South Hill. Days later we found out from his family that he had been seen in Brodnax. Once again, this information was about a week old when law enforcement received it.”

Police later received “updated information” that Reavis was dropped off at his mother’s house on Evan’s Creek Road. Once there, Reavis “got out of the vehicle and ran away”. 

Crutchfield-Green says, “I don’t know where police got that information.” According to her, when Reavis got out of the car, he went into the backyard but did not “run away”.

A former co-worker reportedly saw Reavis on October 13 on Canaan Church Road in LaCrosse. 

Reavis was officially entered into the missing person database on October 16 and a flyer was generated and posted to the SHPD Facebook page. Members of the family say that to their knowledge none of the local newspapers, radio stations, or TV stations were contacted by the police department to assist in the search. In the social media post, the SHPD said that the information was forwarded to “area news stations”.

“After our Facebook post showing Monte's Missing Person flyer, news outlets began sharing the post. Posts were verified being seen on Facebook pages and websites belonging to WWBT, WRIC, or one of their news reporter's personal page. Newspapers in Mecklenburg County, including The South Hill Enterprise and a newspaper in Emporia, Virginia printed stories about Monte being a Missing Person. A Google search of ‘Monte Reavis’ produces many results where his information has been shared across the internet.”

On Oct. 18, SHPD received information that Reavis was seen in a local convenience store. 

“All areas that Mr. Reavis was reported in have been checked by detectives. Detectives have tried to track Mr. Reavis by an iWatch that he may have in his possession, but those efforts have been unsuccessful. Detectives have also tried tracking Mr. Reavis by his debit card but his last transaction was when he was with friends prior to the last contact family had with him.”

Chief Bowen said that no organized search parties have checked any of the areas he was seen. “We have the locations in Brodnax, Lacrosse, and in South Hill that he was seen in around the same few days. In all cases he was on foot and was along a roadway. When we got these locations, detectives went and checked the areas. Unfortunately, these sights were generally about a week old when we received them. Friends, family, and investigators from SHPD have checked these areas frequently. We also handed out missing person flyers while doing a traffic check in an area that he was known to pass through.”

Many responded to the social media post from the SHPD with questions about why K9 units were not brought in to assist with the search for Reavis. His mother says that she was told that K9 units would unlikely be able to pick up a scent due to the amount of time that had passed since he went missing. 

“Monte never showed any signs of wanting to run away. He had just purchased new clothes, shoes, and a new phone,” said Crutchfield-Green. “A mother has a gut feeling when something is not right with their child. If someone knows anything, please let someone know. Even if it is not the police; tell someone.”

For the past five years, Reavis has been living with Jenifer Wesson and her family in South Hill. “We just want him home. Monte is a good kid, he showed care and concern for everyone and never saw bad in anyone. So if anyone knows or has heard anything or has even seen Monte recently please let the authorities know. We need answers to help find him.”

“The South Hill Police Department takes this matter very seriously and is working hard to find Monte Reavis. If you have seen him, know of his current location, or have any information that could help in this investigation please contact the SHPD at 434-447-3104, Mecklenburg 911 at 434-738-0028, or 911 if in Mecklenburg County. If you have information and wish to remain anonymous you may contact Mecklenburg County Crime Stoppers at 1-877-676-8477.”

The only update since the post made by the SHPD is that Reavis is believed to have been seen getting into a white Chevy car around October 11, that had a Virginia tag similar to UVT 9684 in the Evans Creek road area. 

The SHPD is also asking for those who live or have a business in any of the locations where Monte was reported to have been seen and have cameras please check them for leads that could help find Monte Reavis. 

Reavis was seen wearing the following pieces of clothing:

• October 11th – Black pants and red and white shirt

• October 11th – A person living in White Plains saw him wearing black pants, possibly sweats or joggers, and a red hoodie.

• October 13th – Former co-worker said black t-shirt and blue jeans.