Today around 12:30 p.m. the South Hill Police Department, Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, and Virginia State Police responded to South Hill Elementary School due to a threat of an active shooter. 

According to Superintendent Paul Nichols, the threat was called in to the Sheriff's Office. "We have security protocols set up at each building and were fully aware that there was no one in the building that was a threat. The police communicated the threat to the office secretary and the administration promptly locked down the building."

Nichols said that instruction continued in the classroom with students and staff safe while the local and county police patrolled the outside of the building to be sure there was no threat outside.
There was no threat for any other public school in Mecklenburg. However, LaCrosse Elementary also performed a similar lockdown of the outside premises. 
"It is my understanding that this threat was called in to schools all over Virginia. Mrs. Thompson, SHE Principal, is sending out a memo about this to notify parents of the SHE students."