Meet the Candidates: Wade Crowder (Write-in Candidate)

1.) Please tell me why you are interested in being a member of the South Hill Town Council?

“We need a change.”

2.) What special qualities, skills, and interests would you bring to the position?

“The truth.”

3.) Based on what you know about the Town Council, where would you expect to excel and what part of the position would you find more challenging?

“The biggest challenge is going to be getting rid of the Town Manager because he owns everything.”

4.) Describe your leadership experience. Be specific about what your tasks and responsibilities were.

“I ran my own business for my whole life. I have very little education but I made a good living.”

5.) Are there any developmental or beautification projects that you would like to see happen in South Hill? 

“No. We need to quit spending money.”


6.) What are some areas that you feel need extra attention within the town?

“Quit spending money. They are throwing money away.”

7.) There have been many conversations at the Council meetings about the issue of transparency from the Town Manager and staff. How important is it for the citizens to receive factual and complete information from its leaders?

“They need to know everything because the town staff and Council works for us. The people. They are our employees.”

8.) Describe your work ethic. What approach do you take to successfully managing a very busy demanding job while maintaining a life outside of work?

“I have a strong work ethic. I did construction for forty years and made a good living. When my kids and grand kids get old enough they won’t have to worry about anything. That is a good work ethic.”

9.) Tell me a little bit about your personal life. Are you from South Hill? If not, how long have you lived here? Married? Children? Grandchildren? Hobbies?

“I am from LaCrosse. I’m not married. I have two kids and five grandkids.”

10.) What is the biggest change that you would like to see regarding the town and it’s leadership?

“Get rid of the Town Manager. Turn the police station over to the police and the fire department over to the fire department because right now the Town Manager is using the police force to give me tickets for being parked on the street for more than two hours but they don’t write anybody else tickets. Just me so you know the Town Manager is putting pressure on the police force. They are using the police as a weapon because they have the power to do it and [Callis] doesn’t know how to tell the truth.”

11.) Anything else that you would like for the voters to know about you and your vision?

“A big change is coming and if it doesn’t I’ll put a sign up for that too.”