Meet the Candidates: Mike Moody

1.) Please tell me why you are interested in being a member of the South Hill Town Council?

“I’m a native of South Hill and have lived here a majority of my life.  I’m concerned with the future of South Hill. It’s still a growing small town developing at a nice calm pace. I want to give back to the town what it has given to me for so long. I love the town. I love the people here. I love the area. I love everything about it and if I can do just a little bit for the town, then that’s what I’d like to do.”

2.) What special qualities, skills, and interests would you bring to the position?

“I consider myself a people person. People have different ideas about how things should be done. Why they should be done and when they should be done. I like to listen to everyone’s opinion. [Council] knows that they are not going to please everybody. Some people don’t like the decisions that we make sometimes be we the Council have to look at it and how it benefits the entire town and the community. That’s a fine line that you have to walk sometimes and I think the Council has been doing that for a lot of years. Don’t make any false promises. If there’s something we can look into and help out with or change, then so be it but sometimes it’s an answer that people don’t like. Just listen to the people. We’re serving them.

3.) Based on what you know about the Town Council, where would you expect to excel and what part of the position would you find more challenging?

“I wouldn’t consider this a challenge but I do want to continue to work on improving our downtown area. We get so many people that come to South Hill from other areas and counties and I would like for area to continue to build, grow, and improve at a steady, calm pace so that we are more attractive to those visitors. The people of South Hill elect us but we serve everyone who comes here. We want to make the best decisions for the town but no matter what choices you make, there will always be someone who disagrees and that’s ok. If we make a mistake, it’s up to us to correct it. We’re all serving together for the community.”

4.) Describe your leadership experience. Be specific about what your tasks and responsibilities were.

“I have been a sitting Town Council member for 16 years. I was a probation and parole officer for over 20 years and have coached and officiated local sports for over 40 years.”

5.) Are there any developmental or beautification projects that you would like to see happen in South Hill? 

“Infrastructure. We still have pipes that no one can see that have been there for years and years and years and like everything else they play out after a while. That’s why the town has now invested in finding out which pipes need to be replaced and that’s what the new camera system that we have will help us improve on. Infrastructure is a concern and major undertaking for South Hill and it’s going to be costly but I think South Hill is ready for it.”

6.) What are some areas that you feel need extra attention within the town?

“I’d love to see older buildings updated and beautified as far as the ride through town. A lot of the local businesses are taking advantage of the grants and funds available to make this happen. Just making the town more attractive as people travel through.”

7.) There have been many conversations at the Council meetings about the issue of transparency from the Town Manager and staff. How important is it for the citizens to receive factual and complete information from its leaders?

“It’s the most important thing there is. Give them the facts and the complete information or as much as you can share with them at that particular time. There are times when you just can’t give all of the information. In due time we would be able to but sometimes there are things that we just can’t tell you about just yet. I love that the people are being more vocal at the meetings.”

8.) Describe your work ethic. What approach do you take to successfully managing a very busy demanding job while maintaining a life outside of work?

“I give you 110% with whatever I am doing. Be it Town Council, when I was working fulltime as a probation/parole officer, umpiring/refereeing baseball and basketball, no matter what I give it 110%. I try to be upfront with everybody and listen to their concerns and if I can do something to help you out, I’ll be glad to but you have to realize that it can’t always be done. I wish it could.”

9.) Tell me a little bit about your personal life. Are you from South Hill? If not, how long have you lived here? Married? Children? Grandchildren? Hobbies?

“I was born and raised in South Hill. I moved to Richmond for a while and to Farmville after that but ultimately I came back to South Hill. I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. My hobbies include officiating basketball for 47 years and umpiring baseball for 37 years. I play golf, not as much as I used to but I still enjoy playing. I like going to the beach and cooking. I have two stepchildren and five grandchildren and we love spending time with them.”

10.) What is the biggest change that you would like to see regarding the town and it’s leadership?

“Each persons opinion has merit. We’re on the Council for the benefit of the town and the community. That doesn’t mean we’re going to always agree. Disagreement can be good because you get different views and opinions on how things should be done and you have to look at it from both sides. We as Council have to remember that we are serving the Town. We’re not serving ourselves, we’re serving this town and the community.”

11.) Anything else that you would like for the voters to know about you and your vision?

“I can honestly say that anything that has been done by the Council has been done as a group. I don’t any particular person can take credit, at least I don’t. I’d like the Town to continue to move forward. Growth has some drawbacks but I think the Town is in a position to work through that. I think the leadership is good. Everybody has personal opinions and that’s not bad as long as everyone remembers that the decisions that we make affect everyone in town, not just the ward you represent.”