Under Virginia law, the Board has 45 days from the time of Glanzy Spain’s passing to make an appointment to fill the unexpired term. According to County Attorney Russell Slayton, the two persons that submitted their letters of interest to fill Spain’s seat must reside in election district 2, which is the district approved last year and was cleared by the Attorney General’s office. 

“If a person who wants to be considered for election district 2 does not reside in the currently affected election district 2, that person is not eligible for appointment. So with apologies to these folks, we need time to determine if the residences are in the new current ED2,” said Slayton. 

He offered his apologies to those who applied and said the Board intends to adjourn the meeting until Tuesday, January 17 at 5 p.m. 

“In advance of that meeting, we will communicate with the candidates, whether they are eligible or not. If they are we will ask them to come to the meeting, if not we will thank them for expressing their interest in the position but unfortunately they can not be appointed.”

A vote was unanimously cast to have Glenn Barbour remain in his position as Chairman of the Board. Jim Jennings was nominated and approved as Vice-Chairman, a position previously held by Glanzy Spain.

The Board issued a resolution to Fannie Falls Simmons in recognition of her 102nd birthday. Simmons was born in Mecklenburg County on December 13, 1920, the youngest of 14 siblings. She graduated from Chase City High School in 1939 before marrying Thomas Taylor Simmons in 1942. The couple shared three children, four grandchildren, eleven great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. Simmons spent her life working in the textile industry and raising her children and grandchildren, who are and have always been “the light of her life”.