Rick Carroll, Treasurer of the South Hill Food Pantry, attended January’s regular Board meeting to report on the Pantry’s unprecedented performance this year due in part to the help of the Board of Supervisors.

Carroll began by first thanking Board member Tom Tanner as he, “made us aware of some monies that were available to help some food boxes and food pantries. We took advantage of that.” He said that he has sent out thank you notes to both the Board and Social Services in the past year, but that he figured it was time for him to come and personally thank the Supes for, “the role that you have played in approving [the funds].”

He stated that by his records the pantry had almost sixteen reimbursements from the county that totaled nearly 78 percent of their total expenditures for the year. The rest were made up with private donations.

Statistically, this past year the South Hill Bread Box has served over 1,157 families and purchased about 28,830 pounds of food worth $52,976. Carroll said, “I don’t know when this money may dry up, but it was a very robust year for our bread box.” He also shared that the pantry has a new president, Amber Thomas, who has done a great job moving food and meeting the needs of the families.

Carroll—who has served as the Treasurer and boasts 14 years of experience with the food pantry—stated that this kind of money coming in is sure to put them on solid ground which will carry the Food Pantry well into 2023.

Tanner commended Carroll for his own role and said, “I’d also like to say thank you for the job y’all do. Y’all are out here dealing with the citizens that are in need every day and I hope we can help you anyway we can, but thank you for all that y’all do.”