7 ways to spend Christmas day for those who don’t celebrate

Treat yourself to a present

Go ahead and splurge on yourself. Get that new TV or stereo system. You deserve it!

Head out to a restaurant

Eating Chinese food on Christmas Day is a ritual amongst many Jewish people in the U.S., as its often migrant-run restaurants that stay open when others are shut.

Catch a movie

Surprisingly, a lot of movie theaters are open for new Christmas Day releases. Head up to Regal Cinemas in Colonial Heights or RCE Theaters in Henderson to view a new movie before everyone else does.

Binge watch a TV series 

Take some time to catch up on all of the shows your friends have been trying to get you to watch all year.

Visit a park or go on a hike

While everyone else is inside, enjoy a day of peace and quiet at the park or hiking the local Tobacco Heritage trail.

Catch up on work

Ok maybe it’s not the most appealing idea on the list but getting ahead of end of year rush may not be the worst thing.


Spend the day giving back to the less fortunate. Visit a soup kitchen, local breadbox, or homeless shelter and help bring a smile to someone who needs it.