VDOT has completed work on Reese’s Dead End and began adding stone to Sweetwater Road to be paved by the middle of October as long as weather permits. Paving on Staunton River Road has also begun.

Kevin Smith said that VDOT’s second round of mowing has been completed, and that they will be going back out later in Fall to conduct a cleanup cut. Mowers have now begun working on the county’s secondary roads.

Route 660’s paving has been completed, following damage from earlier last year. County Administrator Wayne Carter said, “It is about three feet wider now than it was from Ridge Road all the way down to Green More Drive…I think anybody whose gone down that road will tell you those three miles are heaven now even compared to what they were before.”

All they’re waiting on now is line painting and shoulder stone to finish up that section of the route. The county will be using their Microsoft funds to pay for it as they need to reimburse the state.

Mr. Carter received one bid for the Hillcrest Campus ground storage tank from Mid Atlantic Storage Systems that totaled $1,039,941. The board agreed with the Economic Development Committee’s recommendation to accept the bid. Board member Charles Jones put forth the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor.

Carter presented the Landfill Committee with quotes for two trucks during their monthly meeting. The first, a roll-off truck, cost $245,996. Most importantly, this truck has a Cummings engine which would allow local mechanics to get the appropriate software needed to work on it.

It was pointed out that the county spent approximately $71,892 just in tipping fees during Fiscal Year 2022 by contracting out the service at their convenience centers.

Board member Sterling Wilkinson brought forth a motion to approve the purchase; the board voted unanimously in favor of the purchase. This truck will be purchased in tandem with the Sourcewell pricing contract.

The board also approved the purchase of a $318,109 front loader refuse truck under the same Sourcewell pricing contract.

Deputy County Administrator Alex Gottschalk presented an amendment for Section 66-3 of the Code of Ordinances regarding Transient Occupancy Tax to the board. He explained that before 2021 the Virginia Department of Taxation ruled that the only amount of tax revenue that could be captured is for the amount of the room charge. However, in 2021 Senator Tommy Norment carried legislation that made it so both sales tax and use tax as well as the transient occupancy tax would be applied to that full amount.

This was done because local governments in the Commonwealth were losing out on revenue that would have already been generated.

The amendment brought before the board September 12 would just change Mecklenburg’s ordinance to mirror the language that has been adopted by the Commonwealth to grant the locality the ability to charge the transient occupancy tax.

Board member Andy Hargrove put forth a motion to move forward with a public hearing for this amendment. The board voted unanimously to move forward with the hearing.

Though the supervisors were due to take action on the proposed electronic participation policy this month, they ultimately decided to hold off due to the absence of Vice Chairman Glanzy Spain and Board member James Jennings at this month’s meeting. Chairman Glenn Barbour remarked that he wants to wait so that all board members can speak.

Wayne Carter shared that he’d received a letter from Jennifer Loux—the manager of Virginia’s Historical Highway Marker Program—regarding the highway markers which mark the border of Lunenburg and Mecklenburg County.

The markers were installed nearly 100 years ago and as such have deteriorated. There is no state funding for the markers, so the program has to rely on the counties themselves to finance any repairs or replacements.

The Lunenburg County Historical Society expressed interest in co-sponsoring a replacement of the markers for both counties, the total cost of which is $6,740 or $3,370 for each county.

Wayne Carter shared that the county would pay for this out of multi-purpose funds, if the board voted to continue being a part of the program.

Board member Tom Tanner said simply, “these are already there and they need to be fixed…if they’re willing to do it then I’ll make that motion that we do that for our part of it.” The board agreed unanimously to sponsor Mecklenburg’s half of the marker.

Tom Tanner also put forth the motion to approve a supplemental appropriation of $73,634.55—a refund from W. W. Moore for the 2022 Fiscal Year. The board also approved this appropriation.

Dominion Energy is proposing to build a new Unity Station, two new single circuit lines and three new substations: the Tunstall Substation, Evans Creek Substation and the Raines Substation in the South Hill area and Lunenburg County.

They have provided proposed and alternative routes for the project. Dominion will be submitting an application to the Virginia State Corporation Commission. At this time, they are notifying the board and soliciting comments or additional information to consider.

The board is also continuing to work on acquiring the Mecklenburg and Chase City Rescue Squads. They are currently working on getting the memorandum of transition so they can submit it to the state’s Office of Emergency Services.

The supervisors approved four various board appointments:

   Ms. Linsey Carrol on the Industrial Development Authority resigned; her term expires September 30, 2023. Sterling Wilkinson nominated Chad Barbour who expressed interest in serving on the board. He was approved.

   Ms. Jennifer Bowen from the Lake Country Area Agency on Aging Board’s term expires September 30, 2022. She is not eligible for re-appointment. Tom Tanner had submitted his name originally as the board hadn’t had another person to consider. However, Dr. Stephen Bailey from South Hill expressed interest, so Tanner withdrew his consideration at Monday’s meeting. He simultaneously motioned for Dr. Bailey’s re-appointment. It was approved.

   Dr. Hudson’s—on the Welfar Board—term expired on August 20; he was not eligible for re-appointment. Mrs. Walker was appointed by a motion from Board member Claudia Lundy.

   Ms. Evella Hutcheson on the Southside Behavioral Health Board’s term expired June 30. She was eligible for re-appointment and was approved.

Charles and Deirdre Sutton’s—who own lots 3 and 3a in a subdivision in Palmer Springs Magisterial District—property is currently separated by a road under the county’s name. They require an easement to go under said road to transport sewage from the house they are building on lot 3 to the septic drain on 3a. The county approved an easement for the Suttons.

The board also approved an assignment of contract rights between Mecklenburg and the Industrial Development Authority for a property that was needed for the expansion of the county’s office building.

The property was owned by Mrs. Ghanem, located right behind the building next to the office. The IDA will move forward with closing. Charles Jones made the motion, and the board approved it unanimously.