Mecklenburg County is getting ready to TAKE-OVER the Virginia Welcome Center at Bracey!  They have reserved the Tourism Blitz space (one of their most sought-after programs) at the Welcome Center for March and April and want to invite YOU to participate in the TAKE-OVER! Participants will utilize as much of the space as possible in the Welcome Center to create eye catching displays to highlight our great County. There is counter space, floor space, glass case space, table space and more available to be used. This blitz has the potential to reach thousands of visitors firsthand and while they are in market in Mecklenburg County!  

“So let’s join together, go big and bold and get the word out about all the greatness Mecklenburg County has to offer, and that we truly have MORE OF WHAT MATTERS!”

Here are the details to participate: You can customize the Blitz with events, demos, displays, and promos and materials that we can get in the visitor’s hands to help drive them to your business on this trip or on a return trip!

Consider incorporating these promotional elements into your display:

- Indoor Banners: A banner is an ideal means of placing a headline that greets travelers when they enter the Welcome Center.

- Brochures: Your brochure is front-and-center and gets in the hands of the visitors! Event flyers get the word out about upcoming events and festivals, coupons for use if they visit your business, and even samples of your product!  Any alcohol, such as bottles of wine or beer have to be unopened, and will have to be displayed in their glass case.

- There is counter space to display hanging type banners and a few tables are available for us to use, however you may need to bring your own table and table coverings depending on availability.

- Stickers for Welcome Center Staff: Place your slogan, logo or memorable phrase on a sticker that prompts conversation and interaction with travelers.

- Logo Items: Do you have a pin, tote bag, key ring or similar memorabilia with your logo? You can provide those for the staff to display.

- Promotional Give-away/Souvenir: Have a promotional product that can be easily distributed to travelers.

Artisan demonstrations and table-top displays are also key elements of a successful Blitz. You can provide t-shirts or logo wear for the Welcome Center staff to wear, bring in your “swag” to display, promote an event or concert series, and provide creative colorful displays to showcase your tourism attraction, locality, restaurant, lodging and shopping venues!  

The Tourism Counselor staff will be front and center to answer any questions about Mecklenburg County and to encourage the visitors to pick up your information and to take the time to stop and visit Mecklenburg County!

Space is limited and will be first-come first served.  If you just have a brochure, get that to me and I will make sure it gets on display.

We are able to begin setting up our Blitz at the Welcome Center the morning of March 1, 2023 and the last day will be April 30th, 2023.

You can contact myself or Cindy Brown, Tourism Relations Manager at the Bracey Welcome Center at: 434-689-2295 or email her at